Russian Cossack Corps

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Russian Cossack Corps


For Honor and Glory

General Information
Country Flag-Russia.jpg Russia
Region [Forum]


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Russian Cossack Corps is a military unit part of the eRussian Foreign Legion.

Only members of The Cossacks can be members of this unit[1]. It gets some support from the party, though its "Brigade Support Program", meaning some weapons in peacetime to train better. But it is not an overwhelming support.

A Cossack can hence decide what to do, depending on this disponibility for the Army. Not all Cossacks belong to the Corps, some are in the other active brigades, or not even in the Russian Army at all. It is not an obligation.

However, it is considered a honor to be part of the Cossack Corps, which has its own titles and is intended to be the most disciplined unit of the eRussian Army.

Cossack Brigade Ranges

  • Ataman: Title given by the cossacks only if he is the leader of the Cossack party.
  • Vakhmistr (pl. Vakhmistri): Brigade Leader.
  • Sotnik (pl. Sotniki): Leader of the whole Cossack Corps.
  • Kazak (pl. Kazaki). Soldier-or-rang, member of the Cossack Brigade.

Titles derive from real cossack military ranges.