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Flag of Russia   Coat of Arms of Russia

On the map

General Rank 16
Anthem Государственный гимн Российской Федерации
Gosudarstvenny gimn Rossiiskoy Federatsiyii
"Governmental hymn of the Russian Federation"
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Language Russian, English
Population 4108
Capital Bohus
Current President MinPRO of Russia
Political Party Communist Party - Soviet Union
Currency Flag-Russia.jpg Russian Ruble (RUB)
Minimum salary Flag-Russia.jpg 5 RUB
Average salary 11.61 RUB
Food bonus 60%
Weapon bonus 60%
Territories 19

Map of Russia

Last update May 05, 2013

Icon-Russia.png Russia is a nation which regained its independence in February 2009. It is the largest country in eRepublik. Russia was also the first to implement Socialism in eRepublik, and was home to various strong and powerful political figures who are still active today. The country is located in northern Eurasia. Russia is currently bordered by Icon-Sweden.png Sweden, Icon-Finland.png Finland, Icon-Estonia.png Estonia, Icon-Latvia.png Latvia, Icon-Lithuania.png Lithuania, Icon-Poland.png Poland, Icon-Norway.png Norway, Icon-Germany.png Germany, Icon-Hungary.png Hungary, Icon-China.png China and Icon-Belarus.png Belarus, as well as having maritime borders with the Icon-USA.png USA and Icon-Japan.png Japan. The capital region is Moscow and Central Russia.

History of Russia

Russia was taken over during the Great Patriotic War when Norway invaded the large but unpopulated country. However, the Russian Independence War began in November 2008 and Russia was re-established as a free nation. Again in January of 2009 Russia was again invaded by Romania who took over all of the regions. In February, Russia achieved independence again in the Far Eastern and Kaliningrad regions. The Northern region, which had been conquered from Romania by Indonesia, was regained in March. A resistance war against Norway returned the Volga region later in the month. In April, Russia declared war on Norway and seized Volga Vyatka, marking the end of Norwegian occupation of Russian territory. Romania's eventual defeat allowed Russia to regain its old territories. As of May 2013 Russia is a trial member of Circle of Trust.

Icon allcountries.gif Geography

The original territory of Russia is composed of several regions: Central Black Earth (occupied by 20px), Eastern Siberia (occupied by 20px), Far Eastern Russia (occupied by 20px), Leningrad Oblast (occupied by 20px), Moscow and Central Russia (occupied by 20px), North Caucasus (occupied by 20px), Northern Russia (occupied by 20px), Urals (occupied by 20px), Volga (occupied by 20px), Volga Vyatka (occupied by 20px), 

Its current territories are listed below: FAIL

Icon achievement society builder on.gif Society

Some useful tutorials can be found on a Russian eRepublik fansite [1]

Citizen-shape.gif Citizen-shape.gif Citizen-shape.gif Population

Since the beginning, Russia has had a small population. Given that very few native Russians actually play eRepublik. It is gradually increasing as territory is regained. Most of the population lived in the capital region Kaliningrad, where slowly the population began to shift to Moscow. Russian population had greatly increased for a few months. Moscow and Central Russia is known to be the biggest Russian "fortresses" and has population of 2156. Russia's population has since been decreasing, going to 20000 citizens in June 2010.


Russian is the most common language in Russia, however a number of other languages (eg. Serbian, French, Macedonian) were also spoken at a time due to recent migrations from formerly conquered France and Germany. English is used to communicate with foreign and non-Russian speaking citizens, although many native Russians can speak English properly as of May 2013.

Icon achievement hardworker on.gif Economy


The currency of Russia is the Flag-Russia.jpg Russian Ruble (RUB).

Country Trading Embargoes

This country doesn't have any trading embargoes at the moment.


Product Income Tax Import Tax VAT
Icon Food Q7.png Food 20% 10% 10%
Icon Weapon Q7.png Weapon 20% 1% 1%
Icon Moving ticket Q5.png Moving tickets 20% 10% 10%
Food Raw Material.png Food raw material 20% 5%
Weapon Raw Material.png Weapon raw material 20% 5%
Icon Hospital Q5.png Hospital 20% 1% 1%
Icon Defense system Q5.png Defense system 20% 1% 1%

(Last Update: 2 May 2013)


Current Cabinet (Apr'13)

Government Office Placeholder Party
President MinPRO of Russia Communist Party
Vice President Antropophag Comrades
Minister of Defence overm1nd88 Comrades
Minister of Information Hank Scorpio Comrades
Minister of Foreign Affairs k.v.i.z. Russian Will Party
Minister of Demography konj v paljto Comrades

Icon position polit partypresident.gif Political Parties

Russia has 6 dominant political parties.

Icon achievement congressman on.gif Congress

Logo Party Congress members Percentage
Comrades logo.png Comrades 6 16%
Defaultparty.gif Alliance 8 18.55%
Sovietcoatofarms.jpg Communist Party - Soviet Union 12 29%
Party-Constitutional Democrats.png Constitutional Democrats 8 21%
50px Russian Will Party 6 15.55%

Icon achievement president on.gif Presidents

Year Month President Party
2007 December Sasha Igorovich For The Motherland
2008 January
April Manifesto Communist Party of the Soviet Union
June Norwegian Occupation
December Manifesto Communist Party - Soviet Union
2009 February Carmagnola Free Russia Party
March Smirnoff
April borges16
June Tihinen Free Russia Party
June Martin Blumen eRA Party
July UncleDeD Free Russia Party
August My4eHuk Dark Empire Party
September parter
October MoredanKantose Free Russia Party
November sasha237
December 4epT Dark Empire Party
Mezzo Communist Party - Soviet Union
2010 January kotekzot Free Russia Party
February romool
Mid-April HankScorpio none
May MAKCUM_KAMMEPEP Free Russia Party
Irusik Constitutional Democrats
June HankScorpio Communist Party - Soviet Union
January Avisian Constitutional Democrats
February simust2 Russian Will Party
March Evil_God Constitutional Democrats
April NWsFF Russian Will Party
Mid April s.t.g Tank Commune Party
May s.t.g Communist Party
June oDdkID Constitutional Democrats
Mid June alfaprime Comrades
July Axithe Comrades
August alfaprime Russian Will Party
September simust2 Russian Will Party
October Sergey Gamov Comrades
November Mr FLATROY A Clockwork Orange
December bzzz-bzzz Communist Party
2012 January eNavi Russian Will Party
February MVP24 Comrades
March simust2 Russian Will Party
nimnul Constitutional Democrats
April nimnul
June chugaystyr
Jule Axithe Comrades
August Sergey Gamov
September mogaba Constitutional Democrats
October s.t.g Communist Party
Arar Baker Russian Will Party
November s.t.g Communist Party
December grey235 Mason's Lodge
2013 January Antropophag Comrades
February myrevenge Constitutional Democrats
Antropophag Comrades
March Antropophag
April nimnul Constitutional Democrats
May MinPRO of Russia Communist Party

Icon achievement supersoldier on.gif Military

Fight-war.gif Current Wars

Russia currenly has no active wars.

Icon-pact.gif MPPs

Russia has Mutual Protection Pacts with the following nation(s):