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Nationality Flag-Spain.jpg Spanish
National rank 663
Date of birth Day 585
Residence Aquitaine
Sex Male
Political party Nueva Espana Liberal
2º Deputy of Ministerio de AASS
5 Jul 2009 – He dimited soon
Preceded by melkior
Succeeded by Manolito Gafotas
Military rank Icon rank General.png General
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Sekum is a citizen of Spain. He was born in Castilla y Leon and he´s an active member of Nueva Espana Liberal.

First era: Birth and growth

Sekum was born in Castilla y Leon in the day 585. He started working in private raw material industries and he enter to Nueva Espana Liberal as soon as he could. When he arrived to level 8, he create the newspaper "Imperialismo Liberal"[1](now known as Paradojic Information)

Second era: Political period

During this period, he started to take erepublik seriously and he started to colaborate to the spanish political life. He became the second deputy of the minister of health when Mixalberto won the August presidencial elections. But the Cekap Woods Affair made to all the minister to dimite.

Third era: French invasion

He was fighting in all the battles and was a part of the wall in Asturias, then he moved to Greece to continue fighting for Spain. But in the Real Life had holidays and he started to play as 2 clicks.

Fourth era: Media period