The Bushido Party

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The Bushido Party

Party-The Bushido Party.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Japan.jpg Japan
Abbreviation BP
Colors Gold, black
Founded 2 March 2008
Dissolved 16 February 2009
Congress Occupancy 0 /0 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Liberal Party of Japan
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian

The Bushido Party (BP), also known as the United Bushi of Nihon, was a major political party in Japan.


The Bushido Party was a liberal party formed by Yamato Suzuki and has, since its birth, had an amazing success with an early and quick growth of members. After only one month the party has become the largest party in Japan and made itself the ruling party of the Japanese government.

March 2008 marked the beginning of a five-term Bushido dynasty. The party brought Japan from a small, poor nation to a fast-growing nation. It cooperated with other parties such as the United Lolies of Japan and the National Party of Japan. During the Bushido dynasty, The Bushido Party had done its best and had succeeded to give Japan the best. Japan's workforce has grown from 50 to 150 and the product market has all the important products. Japan also conquered South Korea under Bushido rule.

Under the inactive party president Tanaka, The Bushido Party weakened and lost all of its congressional seats. A lot of its member also resigned from the party. The party gradually turned into a minor party until December 2008, when new leader Hitoshi Makoto is elected. The party was renamed to the United Bushi of Nihon and made a center-right party by Hitoshi Makoto on December 16, 2008.

However, even under the leadership of Makoto, the party was not able to fully revitalize. The Bushido Party had about 68 members at its height, and was left with 34 at the end of Tanaka's second term. Makoto's programs certainly boosted the activeness of some members; however, the size of the party has continued to decline. In February 2009, the dissolution of the party was announced by newly elected leader Tadahito Kato, who founded the Liberal Party of Japan.


  • March 2008: Formation of The Bushido Party
  • March 2008: Start of the Bushido dynasty
  • August 2008: End of the Bushido dynasty
  • December 2008: Renamed to the United Bushi of Nihon
  • February 2009: Dissolution


# President Took office
1 Yamato Suzuki March 2008
 ? Tanaka November 2008
 ? Hitoshi Makoto December 2008


The Bushido Party was a liberal political party with a few conservative elements. Under president Makoto, the orientation of the United Bushi of Nihon was changed to center-right. The UBN strived to unite Japan and to hold its reputation of order, tradition and productivity. Its primary goal was to strengthen Japan's military while, at the same time, strengthening Japan in other ways.

The party aimed to be as diplomatic as possible and establish good relations with other countries. However, it also sought to form a strong Japan that can resort to war and defend itself.