The University of Arcane Arts

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The University of Arcane Arts
Logo of The University of Arcane Arts
Owner Hitoshi Makoto
Country Flag-Japan.jpg Japan
Headquarters Fukuoka, Kyushu
Subsidiaries Hitoshi Clan Family Farm
Founder Hitoshi Makoto
Industry Grain
Services Semi-Fictional Biorgraphy of Hitoshi Makoto, Grain Farming
Colours Red

The University of Arcane Arts is the organization owned by Hitoshi Makoto. According to its newspaper, The Art of War (which is a semi-fictional story about its founder, Hitoshi Makoto, The University is the highest establishment of education in Kyushu. It boasts the graduation of Hitoshi from it.

In reality, it is home to Imperial Daikon Farm, which is essentially a fledgling grain company. An icon of Japanese culture, the University offers degrees in:

Alchemicals and Related Sciences, Doppelganger Identification (Multy Accounts), Biology of the Speaking Creatures of eJapan, Sandworms and their young

And much more. It is the current outlet of fundraising to Taiwan.