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the mihai


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Nationality Flag-Saudi Arabia.jpg Saudi
Date of birth March 2008
Sex Male
Political party eUniunea Gamerilor Democrati
Mayor of Odessa
May 21, 2008 – Jun 20, 2008
Succeeded by Ival
President of Romania
Oct 2, 2008 – Dec 5, 2008
Preceded by Alex Craciun
Succeeded by Alex Craciun
Party president of eUGD
May 2, 2008 – Oct 2, 2008
Preceded by Alex Craciun
Succeeded by Shoby
Congressman of Romania
June 2, 2008 – Oct 1, 2008
Military unit Romania
Rank Icon rank Field Marshal.png Field Marshal

the mihai is a Romanian citizen and ex-politician. Currently he is the Community Manager in the eRepublik Admin Team.

Political background:

  • The first Romanian mayor of Odessa - one term, in May 2008.
  • Five terms as President of eUniunea Gamerilor Democrati (eUGD) Party, between June and October 2008.
  • Ad interim President of eUGD for 10 days in January 2009
  • Five terms as Congressman in Romanian Congress, between June and October 2008.
  • Two terms as President of Romania - 2nd of October and 5th of December 2008.

Military background:

Media background:

  • The_mihai is the owner of Evenimentul de Est and he was the first Romanian Media Mogul
  • Currently, the newspaper changed its name into eRepublik Magazine