United Kingdom Worker's Party

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United Kingdom Worker's Party

Party-United Kingdom Worker's Party.png
General Information
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Abbreviation UKWP
Forum UKWP Forum
Colors Red, Blue, & White
Founded March 2011
Dissolved October 2011
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeded By UK Progression Party
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian


The United Kingdom Worker's Party was founded in March, 2011 by Sir Nick Griffin. Originally called The Communal Alliance, but was changed after popular support, after which it took on its new name, and quickly began to grow. It is also occasionally known as the British Worker's Party. Over a half month period the party grew from just one member to 61, taking the Top 5 spot away from the British Democratic Party, before having another huge boost to become the 3rd largest party in the United Kingdom. The party quickly began looking towards its first Congress Election, while overcoming stereotypes being placed on the party and its members by the larger parties.

Bobloist Takeover

On April 15th the party was PTO'ed by former UK President Bob Boblo with the help of The Unity Party and the United Kingdom Reform Party [citation needed]. The party fought hard and it was very close [citation needed] but was unable to beat off the PTO. So on the 16th of April the new UKWP opened up with new PP Mini Munch. The party managed to get back into the top 5 in just 48 hours. Not long after this Bob Boblo gave up the old party which he had named UK Worker's party and rejoined PCP. [citation needed]

Party Officials

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Last known UKWP Party Officials
Party President
Mini Munch
Party Vice-President
Garth Lidlington
Party-United Kingdom Worker's Party.png
Press Director
Election Manager
Mini Munch
Recruitment Officer
Mini Munch
Party-United Kingdom Worker's Party.png
Press Officer



Ongoing Projects

In keeping with its pledges of fair and guaranteed employment for all the Party currently runs a 'National Health Service' where any citizens of the UK can apply at one of their Q1 food companies and have their health fully restored free of charge.

The party also has its own affiliated Military Unit - the '7th Armoured Division'. Welcoming all ranks, strengths and experience into its fold it is currently acting as a training academy for its members and a test bed for UKWP military policies.

The party has launched a Charity Program, for new and struggling citizens of the United Kingdom, on the UK forums; to assist the common citizen as they first step into the New World.

Links to all Projects at the bottom

Constitution of the UK Worker's Party

1. The United Kingdom Worker's Party will, whilst continuing to work for the benefit of the UK as a whole, remain committed to the our highest priority: the ordinary e-worker

2. Where political concord is possible, the UK Worker's Party will strive for it, but never to the degradation of our core ideals or those points upon which we feel morally bound.

3. Stagnation, indifference and apathy are our community's enemies, and for as long as the party is able to these foes will be fought with every weapon we have at our disposal.

4. Wealth is one way of reaching out to new players, but gifts of food and weapons are better when accompanied by education, entertainment and respect for that player's potential. The party strives to provide all of these things to as many individuals as we can.

5. The ultimate goal of foreign policy should be provide fun outlets for players whilst enhancing our resources and world position, and the UK Worker's Party will always lobby towards this end.

6. Make the game fun.

7. We as a collective of individuals must prove ourselves as a political party every day by striving to meet the above aims, and by trying with all our might to make this country a better one for as many of its citizens as possible.

Manifesto for May/June

Domestic Affairs

1. A Fair Wage For All- The UKWP's Work Program has had some success already, and we wish to build upon this success by expanding the program further. This program offers fair wages and 100 wellness for anyone who joins it, and is targeted at the newest players possible. We continue to hope to expand this Work Program to include grain (See 9)

2. Using Our Wealth To Enrich- The UKWP has had several charity drives of our own, and we will continue these to the best of our ability to do so. We also support non-partisan charity, and remain easily approachable by any citizen who wishes us to lend our resources, no matter what party that person is a member of.

3. Removal Of Ambiguity- At present, the Speaker of the House is a position that is running on guidelines inherited from the now non-existent Ministry of Legislative Affairs. We feel that the Speaker's more unique role deserves a more defined code of conduct, especially when it comes to the Speaker unintentionally or intentionally breaking with House of Commons procedure.

4. Policing Our Representatives- Any Congress member that belongs to our party will be prevented from running in the next Congressional election should they be fairly found to have broken the rules of the House of Commons. Additionally, any Congress member our party members feel to have behaved poorly may be prevented from running again with a vote on our party forum.

5. Respect Between Parties- We would like to propose a written agreement between parties that would be a voluntary statement against certain common kinds of poor behaviour that political parties tend to deploy against one another.

6. No More Arbitrary Citizenship Denials- We would also reform the Citizenship process by requiring an explanation to be given as to why a particular application has been rejected, and for guidelines to be kept in a visible place. The guidelines themselves are at the discretion of the Committee members and to be advised by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and other key advisers.

7. Give Our People Voice- We would like to incorporate National Referenda; more specifically, the ability for a Country President or Congress to create ingame-polls on specific questions. Since this requires a change in game mechanics, this would be the result of our President and players on erepublik.com's forums pressuring the Admins.

8. Freedom Of Speech- Whilst we will have official party positions on a given issue, and any Congressmen in our party is free to ask what that position is, no Congress member elected by our party will ever be forced to vote in a particular way. Additionally, when approached by parties unable to run Congressional candidates we would be delighted to let them run through our party, as long as it is not to our own party's detriment.

Foreign Policy

9. Growth Of Our Natural Wealth- As per our wish to expand our social programs to include Grain companies, we believe it to be in the UK’s best interest to acquire a Grain region for the bonus it would give workers in those companies, whether via a region swap or by force of arms.

10. Take The Emerald Isle- We state our belief that Ireland should be occupied by British troops to take advantage of its resources and the increase in general wealth it would bestow.

11. We Stick With Our Friends- Whether our future lies within an alliance or not, we also believe that we should remain loyal to those countries who we have long-standing close relationships with, for example France, Brazil, Macedonia, Turkey and Serbia.

12. Opportunities For Our Soldiers- For too long our forces have been unable to get a National Enemy bonus due to too many false starts and dead ends. Correcting this should be one of our top priorities, whether this is in the form of conquest, region swaps, or training wars.

13. Prepare The Tanks- The UK Special Forces budget will be both increased, and ring-fenced, aiming to improve the quality of supplies they receive.

Economic Policy

14. Leave the Market Alone- Our party rejects any interference with the Monetary Markets by the government, and see it as an area that would benefit from being left to market forces to correct.

15. Become a Trade Capital- We would aim to introduce an import taxation policy that encourages more produce from around the world to be imported onto our markets whilst maintaining the viability of UK companies that would otherwise be penalized through a comparative lack of resource bonuses.

16. Changes to Income Tax- Income tax would be raised to 10% across the board.

17. Power To The Buyers- VAT would be reduced in order to ensure the UK worker can buy affordable products, which coupled with our import policy will enhance their spending power and ability to determine their own destiny.


18. More Tigers- There has been an absence of Tigers in the UK for far too long. This is a balance that must be re-corrected.

19. An Injection Of Zest and Vigour- The NHS may have been abolished, but the health of the average UK citizen is still of prime importance. We will fund doctors across the country to inject at-risk groups of citizens with Zestine and Vigouron in order to preserve their health. (Warning, side effects may include MANGUAGE and MANITUDE)

20. More Forum Games- Events like Monarchy Week are fun and give people a reason to hang around the UK forums other than for their political party. We therefore both support their existence and would like, if possible, to increase the amount of fun things open to forum users.

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