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General Information
Country Flag-UK.jpg UK
Abbreviation UKPP
Colors Teal
Founded October 2011
President Richard Feist
Members 84
Congress Occupancy 4/40 seats, 10%
Orientation Center-right
Ideology Libertarian
Party Administration
  • President
Richard Feist
  • Vice President
  • Secretary General
Mick Cain
  • Councillor
  • Spokesman
 A community dedicated to concentrating on playing the game to the best of our abilities as a nation, In the battle for equality the UKPP continues to fight the against the prevailing trend within the UK government of division, defeatism and denial. 
(United Kingdom Progression Party)

The UKPP aims to be a party that supports new players by allowing them to help shape party policy. We strive to be transparent, favouring democratic conferences and postal balloting over executive decisions. Your in-game age, strength, wealth or connections are not what matters - your commitment, activity and desire to succeed do.



In-Game Laws

UKPP.pngTAXES By party wide ballot UKPP have shown they are in favour of sensible low domestic taxes (VAT & Income) while retaining high import tarriffs in an attempt to diseude foreign producers from selling in our market in favour of our own countrymen.

UKPP.pngMINIMUM WAGE The UKPP has no plans to increase the current minimum wage. The financial gains are marginal compared to the increased bureacracy it would create in the management of eUK social programs private and national. The Private sector worker can easily find a wage over the legal minimum wage and the commune worker can just as easily sell their donated supplies to fund their own personal advancement.

UKPP.pngDONATIONS The UKPP supports the donation from the treasury to national organisations except in instances where these funds are to be used to fund private MU's or non-inclusive social programs (application to participation not offered in-game)

UKPP.pngNATURAL ENEMIES No UKPP member shall vote or support an initiation of war unless the targeted nation is occupying native/coded eUK regions/TWO orders/a full discussion with the congress body of the eUK has taken place.

UKPP.pngMPPS MPPs: Due to our alliance status a number of MPP's are dictated to us. UKPP is very much in favour of continuing membership of TWO and have no wish to alter the MPP stack that is required to retain membership. With regards to non-TWO/ACT MPP's, the party prefers a case by case study of said MPP. As a nation with limted income we cannot stack our MPP's high, we simply cannot afford it. Only those strategically required should be considered. Until our national income improves UKPP will not sanction 'good will' MPP's.

UKPP.pngCITIZENSHIP UKPP Congressmembers are free to decide on how they use their passes and are encouraged thought not required to seek guidance from any sources they deem appropiate prior to granting citizenship. In the future the UKPP would like to see a reformed CS commitee (in co-operation with other parties). The commitee is to act as a counsel to the congressmember and not as his judge.

UKPP.pngIMPEACHMENT UKPP Congressmembers shall only impeach a CP if the CP is inactive, Stealing from the nation or they have requested an impeachment.

Community Affairs

UKPP.pngTHE FORUM DISPUTE Members are not restricted in anyway as to whom they wish to socialise with and they may freely use any means of communication they see fit. Having said that, the two most prevalent forms are Forums and IRC and UKPP has now fought for over a year to adress issues and inconsistencies going back beyond the formation of the party therefore the UKPP is not adverse to exploring, in cooperation with other parties or groups of eUKers a more acceptable and less limiting choice then has been traditionally offered. To that end #UKPP is now an open channel at all times barring party conferences (where non-UKPPers are free to observe). The UKPP also recognises that any forum designated by eUK welcoming message as the 'national' forum may consider its claim to the 'national' title as valid.

UKPP.pngNATIONAL ARMY VS NATIONALLY FUNDED MU'S The UKPP supports the exsistence of an apolitical national army based on equality of supplies and is opposed to the scrapping of such an institution, its related companies and will strongly oppose any funding of private MU's. The UKPP furthur promises that no CP backing of another party will be forthcoming should this not be enshrined in the prospective CP's manifesto.

UKPP.pngWORKING IN THE NATIONAL GOVERNMENT Any UKPP member is free to take a role in whatever system the political majority designate as 'government' but they do so as a private citizen, not as a member of the party. Acceptance of any position is not indicative of UKPP support for or influence in said government and the member is not asked or expected to promote a UKPP agenda in what is a eUK role.

Party Affairs

UKPP.pngCONGRESS ELECTIONS UKPP favours active players that wish to make a difference. WE have no formal requirements for entering congress under a UKPP banner. It is the domain of the PP (party president) to oganise the order of runners how he sees fit. Things such as being seen as active, willing and knowledgable will always be a requirement however.

UKPP.pngCP ELECTIONS The weekly party message will be sent prior to CP election telling all members of the coming election and asking them to reply if they wish to run for CP and publish a manifesto prior to a set date. Whilst this is happening other parties will be selecting candidates and perhaps canvassing for UKPP support. The PP may in consulation with UKPP congressmembers choose to add the name of a player from another party to the ballot. The postal Ballot will then take place listing all candidates, their party (if applicable) and a link to their manifesto. The player with most votes tallied will become the UKPP nominee for Country President.

UKPP.pngRN Royal Navy has a rich tradition of giving people the chance to push themselves further. Although the Navy was once attached as a political unit to the United Kingdom Progression Party, the RN now gives everyone the chance to join and fight in a lively community. We also run a regular strike programme every sunday whereby every attendee will be given full supplies to fight alongside their fellow sailors. You can find out more about our recent changes through this link:


The UKPP is a party modelled around supporting new players and giving them a chance to get involved while also providing a platform for older, dedicated citizens to encourage the next generation of leaders. Formed from a rebellion in UKRP and a PTO'd UKWP, it has grown into the largest party in the UK and has enjoyed a steady increase in political involvement and influence.


Party Presidents

Past and present leaders of the UKPP.

Party Presidents
Party president From To Terms
Mini.jpg Mini Munch October 15th 2011 November 15th 2011 1
BMT.jpg Baroness Margaret Thatcher November 15th 2011 December 15th 2011 1
SirNick.png Sir Nick Griffin December 15th 2011 January 15th 2012 1
AW.png Angela Williams January 15th 2012 Febuary 15th 2012 1
ImmortalD.png ImmortalD Febuary 15th 2012 March 15th 2012 1
SirNick.png Sir Nick Griffin March 15th 2012 April 15th 2012 1 (2)
Alfagrem.jpg Alfagrem April 15th 2012 May 2nd 2012 1/2
LegendofPersia-Avatar.jpg Legend of Persia May 2nd 2012 May 15th 2012 1/2
Garth.png Garth Lidlington May 15th 2012 July 15th 2012 2
RichardFeist-Avatar.jpg Richard Feist July 15th 2012 September 15th 2012 2
Dannyboy0014-Avatar.jpg Dannyboy0014 September 15th 2012 October 15th 2012 1
SirNick.png Sir Nick Griffin October 15th 2012 November 15th 2012 1 (3)
Lady Macbeth II.jpg Lady Macbeth II November 15th 2012 Present Present


These are the current 7 congress members representing the UKPP in the UK government.

Congress Members - September/October 2012
MeklonDramicus-Avatar.jpg Meklon Dramicus
AnotherWarVeteran-Avatar.jpg Another War Veteran
MattTimmins-Avatar.jpg Matt Timmins
Dannyboy0014-Avatar.jpg Dannyboy0014
PhysoStarmik-Avatar.jpg Physo Starmik
Posidon303-Avatar.jpg posidon303
SirNickGriffin-Avatar.jpg Sir Nick Griffin

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