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This article contains the religious views of User:Alexander Janai/Kiwism. (What's this?)

The Book of Kiwi
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine

Chapter IX

Final Battle

In the days in the future shall come Evilus with his army of the Dutchlanders, and shall attack the Holy Land of New Zealand, when an Ignorant New Zealander shall let a Dutchlander to pass through the Holy Gates of New Zealand, there the Attack shall start, and every Dutchlander shall be banned from New Zealand until then, and great embarrassment shall fall upon that ignorant New Zealander. And after the Holy Gates shall open, Evilus shall attack the Holy Land.

First Battle

The First battle shall be in Otago, and Evilus attack with his army of followers the central Congressional Institute of Otago. And many men shall die in that battle, and the Golden Kiwi shall not be there, for he is dealing with another matters in the whole eUniverse. And that shall be called the "Otago BloodBath". In the end of this battle, no leader shall be strong enough, and Evilus shall declare his victory, and shall say:"Muhahaha! So many dead New Zealanders, thus is a joy to my eyes! And I declare this land of Otago, the Royal land of me, Evilus! Muhahaha!". And every one, in the minute they heared the name of Evilus they shall sey:"MUHAHAHAHA!", to say that we are the ones that will laugh in the end. And Resistances shall rise in Otago, but with no use, Evilus (MUAHAHAHAHA!) shall defeat them all.

Second Battle

And the second battle shall be in Canterbury and Evilus (MUHAHAHAHA!) shall attack Canterbury with his military strength, and shall occupy it too. And many men shall fight, and many men shall die. And it shall be called the "Canterbury Massacre", and blood shall be all over the place. And Evilus (MUHAHAHAHA!) shall say:"For I claimed your land again! Where is your Kiwi now?". And people still will have hope and faith.

Third Battle

For the Third Battle shall be in Auckland and Evilus (MUHAHAHAHA!) shall attack Auckland with his massive army and shall occupy that land too. And many men died. And this battle shall be called:"The Auckland Slaughter", and the trees of New Zealand shall bleed from the slaughter. And Evilus (MUHAHAHAHA!) shall say to all:"Ha! There is no Kiwi is it? Muhahahaha!"

Fourth Battle

In the fourth battle shall rise a new leader to the New Zealanders, and he shall be Holy, for he is the descendant of the Holy First New Zealander. And Evilus (MUHAHAHAHA!) shall shout to the Holy One:"You are a child! You cannot defeat me! Not without your Kiwi!". And the Holy One shall laugh at Evilus (MUHAHAHAHA!) and shall march with the New Zealander Military in Wellington and protect her from the Dutchlanders. And Dutchlanders shall come from everywhere, and the New Zealanders shall defend the Holy City, with brave power, but men shall die, not many like before, but shall die. And the Holy One shall create a wall of Stone around Wellington and the Dutchlanders would not be able to come in and shall be stuck. And the New Zealaders shall say to themselves:"Why didn't we thought of that before?". And the Dutchlanders shall slowly break the wall, and the Holy One shall create it again and again. But Evilus (MUHAHAHAHA!) shall just go through the wall and shall walk towards the Holy One, and shall swing his sword to attack the Holy One. But then, A great light came from above and burned down all the Dutchlanders, and Evilus (MUHAHAHAHA!) shall be prisoned forever, in the cage of the Golden Kiwi.

And there shall be an eternity of peace in New Zealand and in the world, and no more even Q1 rifles will be needed, and there shall be allot of Q5 food, in small prices. And the world shall start an Alliance, and all the nations shall be in that alliance, and the Golden Kiwi shall Defend New Zealand.


Holy Symbol of Kiwism