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Philosophy of Honor

Concept of the Golden Honor

Holy philosphies in Kiwism appear in four formes:Love, Pride, Honor and Respect. All of them are the base of the human condition, intelligence and understanding. Each of them contains the meaning of the human life, and the basics. This scroll is talking about the third concept:Honor.

Great leaders said:"What is a man without his Honor". And the Golden Kiwi, and the Kiwism takes it even further more. What is a human beign without his honor? Honor is the why to why do we dress, and why are we not attacking women, and why aren't we killing with no justicfication. Honor is what also made us do stupid things, like start a war. But honor is not a bad thing, you have honor for your country, region, city, land, home, family, religion, god and yourself. Next there is an example for the Golden Honor.

Sub-Headline:Gharfincle the pathetic loser
In one of the days, people gathered around the Wellington town hall, and looked up. There stood a man, on the top of the building, Gharfincle his name was,that thretand to jump. People screamed at him:"No! Don't jump! You will die!". Gharfincle look at the woman who said the he would die, with eyes that said:"Are you a freaking moron?", and he shouted at her:"Well of course I will die! That is what I want!"

Then came a man that not alot loved, he was a Kiwist, Nicolas was his name. Nicolas saw the man on the top of the building, and ran to the elevator, to go talk to the man from jumping. Nicolas saw the man and screamed to him:"Man! Why you eant to jumb?". Gharfincle said to Nicolas:"My wife left me, I lost the house, no company will hire me, my children don't love me, to shorten every thing, I am a pathetic loser." Nicolas said to him:"You are not! I bet there is one who truly loves you!" And Ghrafincle said that no one. Nicolas said to him:"Look, the wife when she left, she probably would go be with a guy for a month, and then get bored, and she will crawl back to you. You lost the house, big deal! Houses here cost what? 50 NZD? Of course no company will hire you! I bet you were sassy to the boss. And you are probably letting everyone count on you to do their job, when you can't finish your own! The kids don't like you? That is streching the truth. Every child has the concience to love his father, no matter how bad he was." Gharfincle look at Nicolas and asked:"So what should I do?" Nicolas said to him:"You must have honor and dignity. Why wouldn't you walk away from the edge?" Gharfincle smiled, and steped away from the edge. Nicolas asked him:"Feeling better?" And Gharfincle said:"Yes I do."

A week later, Gharfincle got re-married, bought a new house, a big one, became a general manager, and went to see his kids for 7 hours a day. Gharfincle had honor in him, that his kids would not see their father dead, he had honor for himself.