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"To Do" List


- Complete the template
- Complete "List of Pakistani Dioists"
- Finish the translation of FAQ [1]
- Finish user-template and change its location
- To take this template into action , after QJLincoln makes it one. Perfect spot for using it.

Български страници, които имат нужда от ъпдейт


- Help Timeoin with this list -- May --

List of Pakistani Dioists


Manly tears ;_;

Currently up to 2500

A complete list to commemorate all those who served the Holy Empire of Pakistan. Many sacrificed their own life so that the few left could live comfortably. ...blah blah blah write more bollocks here... No matter how big or small their commitment, be it making a loaf of bread or posting in the forums, We will remember them.

Filled with life

Name Profile Dead Banned Extra tibits of info (will enter later)
Dio 1356 Red cross.png Red cross.png God Emperor of Pakistan
AgentChieftain 2370 Red cross.png Red cross.png
Reshev Villanova 59031 Red cross.png Red cross.png
Daniel Dimow 1629470 Red cross.png Red cross.png
Balkan Beast 1578413 Red cross.png Red cross.png Dioist Rapper