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Daniel Dimow (talk contribs In-Game Profile)


On the Erepublik Wiki, I am an Engineer, which allows me to edit templates on here.

I am also the main supporter and translator for Icon-Bulgaria.png Bulgaria. See Category:Български.

Citizen Page - Daniel Dimow
15 May 2010
1 April 2013

This user page template was taken from the colleague Jameson L. Tai. I hope he doesn't mind.

  1. 17 May 2010 - became an Über Editor
  2. 29 June 2010 - became an Administrator

Notable Contributions

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  • Citizen pages - that wouldn't be the same without me :mrgreen:

Citizen page - Melkion

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My Travels

I have been to the following countries:

Icon-Argentina.pngArgentina · Icon-Australia.pngAustralia · Icon-Brazil.pngBrazil · Icon-Bulgaria.pngBulgaria · Icon-China.pngChina · Icon-Colombia.pngColombia · Icon-Croatia.pngCroatia · Icon-France.pngFrance · Icon-Germany.pngGermany · Icon-Greece.pngGreece · Icon-Hungary.pngHungary · Icon-India.pngIndia · Icon-Indonesia.pngIndonesia · Icon-Iran.pngIran · Icon-Ireland.pngIreland · Icon-Israel.pngIsrael · Icon-Mexico.pngMexico · Icon-Netherlands.pngNetherlands · Icon-North Korea.pngNorth Korea · Icon-Philippines.pngPhilippines · Icon-Poland.pngPoland · Icon-Portugal.pngPortugal · Icon-Romania.pngRomania · Icon-Russia.pngRussia · Icon-Serbia.pngSerbia · Icon-South Africa.pngSouth Africa · Icon-South Korea.pngSouth Korea · Icon-Spain.pngSpain · Icon-Thailand.pngThailand · Icon-Turkey.pngTurkey · Icon-United Kingdom.pngUnited Kingdom · Icon-USA.pngUSA · Icon-Venezuela.pngVenezuela ·

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