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Constitution of Japan

Hi, was this in the forum and voted on? If so, can you put the link in the article? --QJ Lincoln Talk To Me 14:05, 10 September 2009 (UTC)

No, this was done mainly on the Japan forums. My understanding was that to do it contract-based would mean nothing as it couldn't be bound to the fact. I'm not entirely sure. What is the guidelines to making such constitutions official? I'll communicate that back to the community. ----Metic 20:12, 10 September 2009 (UTC)

South Korea

Hey there. I'm not sure if you may be familiar with the current drama in the South Korean regions with the Theocratic group coming in but I'm trying to create an article to somewhat detail what has happened. Right now, I'm banking on a title along the lines of Theocratic Takeover of South Korea but I'm sorta unsure to that (for bias mainly). The problem is that there is an exiled SK gov that has been sitting in Japan for the last 3 months and while some may dispute that there's not a legitimate government when there isn't even a country, it's evident that the Theocrats aren't from around and are indeed taking over a country.

The incident has so far spanned 5 resistance wars and a declaration of war from Japan to South Korea when one of the RW succeeded. Should I be adding the war template and treat it as such?

If you can give advice as to the two issues, please.  :P Thanks.

Instead of "Theocratic Takeover of South Korea" what about "Theocrats in South Korea". as for the war. Does it meet the criteria for a war? how does it compare? Is this really two connected articles? I would say write these out in your sandbox and then ask someone to take a look at them. --QJ Lincoln Talk To Me 15:39, 24 September 2009 (UTC)

Chile page

Thanks for actualizing it, but I didn't understood why do you eliminated the "small numbers" that I put there to make the geographic's table sourtable by geographical location (North-South), and by hospital's quality. Well, the only reason that I thought about was the length of these lines, so I actually edited it so it appear each cell in each line, making it more understandable, ;) Also, I didn't understood why do you moved the Rational Party at the end, time spawn order?, because in that case it should be a bit different (Rodriguista Party at the beginning), ot it was just the same order that you could found that in eR?, I think that one is by members (that is already sortable).

Well, anyway, good luck, :P

PS: First time that I talk through the TalkPage, so I hope I didn't mess it...

Well, maybe in another country that has more width, maybe it's a good idea to order it alphabetically, but here we just are acostumed to talk about those areas (it just works for eR like regions, but we use another division, I think the previous organization was that way [and it it's still used informally], but since like 30 years ago that we changed to another) in that order, so, for a country as, for example, the United States, there is no way to order it: some will say "Washington, Oregon,...", others by the order of addition, others alphabetically, etc. I think you got the idea, ;)
About the parties, I didn't put them in any particular order, I think it didn't have been changed since the page was created, and the names just got an actualization time to time, :P (and I also used the numerical order to sort it by economic and social side, maybe you like the idea, XD)
Well, good luck, and thanks for replying so fast, XD --Purohueso 21:53, 12 October 2009 (UTC)