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Metic is a citizen born in Chungcheongnam-do.

Real life

Metic is actually a Chinese-Canadian student, currently living in Toronto, Canada.


Almost all have had to do with Japan and other related items so far. Being involved with the Imperial Sun Party, I've also updated that and its members and related programs.

I've also started updating all of Japan's Political Parties and updated the historical parties, detailing what they've become and who did it.


To do list

  • Theocratic Takeover of South Korea, related battles.
  • JaSKo Union
  • Japanese Imperial Army / Japanese Imperial Navy
  • kyonkyon / I-Ro-Ha newspaper and its articles.
  • create citizen pages for Japanese congress members, important figures
    • President,
    • Cabinet Ministers, To do: Dokomo
    • Historical Figures
    • Congress Members
  • Redirecting cities to respective regions, ~30% done, up to Hungary done