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Baron John

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Baron John.jpg
Nationality Flag-Greece.jpg Greek
National rank 489
Date of birth Day 606
Residence Central Greece
Political party Ethnikistiko Metwpo
Minister of Immigration of Greece
6/11/09 – 5/12/09
Preceded by Iphigenia
Minister of Immigration of Greece
5/12/09 – 5/1/10
Minister of Immigration of Greece
5/1/10 –
Ambassador to Ireland of Greece
20/12/09 –
Military unit Akrites
Military rank Icon rank General.png General
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Day 606 - The Beggining

Baron John was born in day 606 as a free Greek citizen in the region of Central Greece.By the time he entered the game half of Greece was liberated from the turkish occupation. During his first days he was there when the Greek goverment and EDEN was planning to liberate the rest of Greece. At his early levels he was a neutral player he was not a member of any millitary group or party and he was spending most of his time in varius chat rooms learning about the game. His eLife was simple and time was going by slowly and relaxing. All this were meant to change when he decided to join a party.

Ethnikistiko Metwpo - A nice start

Around the end of his first month in the game he joined Ethnikistiko Metwpo there he found some excellent coplayers and a warm home and he was happy he also made some strong friendships and some minor dislikes. There he found players with ideas like his and a place where the love for a man's country was glorified and applaused but the storm clouds were aproaching fast.

The Exile

Still being a minor player he really had no voice or backbone to stand up and speak loudly for his ideas so he was lurking in the shadows listening and observing the old players and waiting for the right time to take things in his own hands. But unfortunately the goddess of luck was unkind to him. The members of Ethnikistiko Metwpo followed their party leader to Spain after he decided to protest again his political rivals. There he moved with his coplayers to Asturias and formed the very first core of the millitary group Phallanx. At that time the group had the name Hellenic Warriors and was made to help the defence of Asturias and Greece.