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This page has been saved as memories from the Beta version.
The information here is not the current latest information! Do not use this page to gain information!

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This manual was written by DomiBoss and all credit should go to him. All copyrights reserved.

Source: Manual de Guerra by DomiBoss

Manual of War

The Manual of War by DomiBoss - DrogbaPT was the creator of the document

Well, I like the Portuguese well prepared for a possible war, I will leave you here a manual of war, the result of my experience as Command, which I am very proud.

As if a war starts

A war begins when the parents of a president proposes to congressmen a war… and if a majority of congressmen vote yes, we have war.

How to enter a war

To enter a war we will homepage of eRepublik, you click on "There are x active wars" then see where war and want to participate click on "details" of that war. After several regions of the two countries are at war we can defend or attack, as the situation. To do this you click on "details" of the region want to defend / attack and then "Join Defenders" / "Join Attackers." And ready following all these movements you're there to fight.

What is required to enter a war

To enter a war we must be primarily in the countries at war and you can only attack / defend by that country. After that naturally need to combateres weapons and military force over 1.00. If morres NEVER enter a war because your wellness only down by 10%.

Using the hospitals

Main article: Beta:Hospital

For using the hospital which can only be used once a day and only if you have lost a battle. For using you have to go to your profile, click Wellness (link) and then you click on "Go to Hospital". If the hospital for Q1 receive 10% wellness, if you get 20% for Q2, Q3 if you get 30% if you get 40% for Q4 and Q5 if that does not exist yet receive 50%.

As if a war ends

A war ends when all regions of a country are taken over by another or through a peace treaty between the presidents of the countries involved in war that needs to be done in the forum of eRepublik and that may involve gold.

Cost of war

To start a war with the parents who want to start must be Icon-gold.gif 300 GOLD in the coffers plus 1 gold times number of inhabitants of the parents.

MPP 's and NAP's

The MPP's Mutual Protection Pact mean that in Portuguese is Covenant for the Protection Mutua. It serves to enter when a country at war the other parents can have direct aid of countries that have MPP's with the parents who vai be attacked.
The NAP's mean Aggression Pact With that in Portuguese is the Non Aggression Pact. It serves to a country that has NAP with another, these countries can not have a war between them.

Factors influencing a battle

The factors that influence a battle are:

Military Force

  • + Rank
  • * Bonus

+ List of military ranks that exist for 0 to 2 won battles you are Private, for 3 to 9 Body for 10-19 Sergeant, 20-49 Lieutenant, Captain 50-99, Colonel 100-199, 200-499 General, 500 Field Marshal and more.

* The bonus for the attackers is that the first attack and defenders have 150% of bonuses in battle.

See the list of battles in the region

You will want to see that region and then you click on "Fight History."

As if winning / defending a territory

If the country has no enemy soldiers on the ground when the time to gain / maintain that it has 24 hours to finish just joining to defend / conquer the territory and then on page of the battle in the region you click on "Conquer / Secure Territory"

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