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Vice country president (vCP) is a position within a country's governmental cabinet. The person occupying the position is ranked above all other cabinet members, such as minister of foreign affairs or minister of defence.


Vice president acts as is a deputy of the country president and usually attends all important national and international meetings and has a major decisive role within a government. He/she may become an acting president if the actual country president becomes unavailable for any reason. In some cases, though, this position might be purely honorary, without any expectations of actual involvement in the governmental work.

As this position doesn't exist as an in-game political title, usually prime minister is used instead, while the position holder is referred to as a vice president (vCP) in all forms of communication, both in-game (articles, citizen feeds, etc.) and outside the game (forums and other various means of communication such as IRC, Discord, Telegram, etc).

Equivalent positions and titles

Equivalent political positions and titles include:

  • Deputy president
  • Vice chancellor (Notably Germany)
  • Prime minister (Notably India)
  • Deputy prime minister (Notably Australia)
  • Tánaiste (Exclusive to Ireland)
Deputy Prime Minister or Vice Prime Minister
A political role of the minister who can take the position of the Prime Minister of their Government if the need arises. Generally speaking, the Deputy Prime Minister is also the Deputy Leader of a political party or the Leader of the secondary party involved in a Coalition. The Deputy Prime Minister role can be likened to the role of Vice President as both involve similar responsibilities.

In-game function

The Country President and the Country Vicepresidents of Colombia, August 2017

The Country Vicepresident in-game is assigned to the presidential candidate defeated in the presidential elections, who will asssume the presidency in case the incumbent one is impeached.

As a maximum of 5 citizens can be proposed by political parties to run on presidential elections, up to 4 citizens can be country vice presidents, which will be ordered according to their votation. The defeated candidate with the best votation will be the First Vicepresident and, hence, he will assume the country presidency if a presidential impeachment is approved by the Congress; the candidate with second best votation between the defeated ones will be Second Vicepresident and would assume the presidential office once the president and the first vice president are impeached; and so on.

Occasions where Vice president would take power in eRepublik include the impeachment process due to the President's Death, Banning, extended periods of unavailability of the Prime Minister or a scandal.

By the nature of the position, the country vice-presidents will be in the opposition to the Government. However, the Country President could make an arrangement with vice presidents to obtain support from them. In such case, they can be appointed in a public office (e.g. as Ministers or Advisors). In fact, Vice-presidents are often valuable advisors of the President during his/her office(s).

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