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As some of you may know, Benn and I are vacationing for the week. While at the shore, we found time to do our regular erep business, working and training, however, a new venture diverted our attention from our vacation.

The war in Turkey has given war mercenaries the chance to get their rank up while getting a profit of gold to boot. Benn, myself and many other war mercs jumped on this opportunity and contacted the president of Turkey for a job. With Turkey's now-massive population and vast treasury, they were able to supply war mercs with the gold needed to continue fighting for their country

For those interested, here is a bit of how being a Mercenary work.


When you decide you want to become a war mercenary, you have a few things to consider. First, you have to consider your mobility, your loyalty to your country, your current war experience, and your international reputation.


Probably one of the most important factors in the decision to becoming a merc is how mobile you are. you must not have anything that ties you down to your current country. these items include the following

If you have any of those things listed, you are unable to leave your country, which is necessary in order to fight for other countries. Companies and newspapers can be held by an SO account while you are away from your country but still want to have control over them. Employment and party membership can be cancelled in an instant, so no worries there. Being in the position of political office means that you must stay in that position until the next election for the position. The exception to this rule is being a party President, but still being involved in any other political office will hold you down for a while.

Loyalty to country

This can be better defined as your involvement in Politics. If you are deeply involved in your countries political system, then being a Mercenary is not for you. The call to fight in another countries war can pop up at any time, so if you are too busy with you platform for running for your countries president, you don't have time to fight in a foreign war. While it will be a sacrifice either way, you will have to choose one or the other, like Benn has shown us he did by quitting the Democratic party Presidency to be a Mercenary.

War Experience

If you want to be truly successful as a Mercenary, you will need war experience. It would be advantageous to know your history of different War Tactics. Fighting in a few wars before asking for a payment not only to get rank up, but to learn from experience would also be strongly advised. basically, just fight a bit to learn the ways of war before you start contacting people for mercenary opportunities.

International Reputation

Although a minor part, it is important for you to be able to get along well with your employer during wartime, as they are sure to be stressed most of the time. Having a good international reputation will help to start you out on the right foot, like the way you treat other people in and out of erep will get you through your life or elife. The better you get along with your employer, the more you just might get paid.


While I won't give the details on exact numbering for payment I will provide this information. Payment is in terms of gold. Much of the gold you receive is to go towards buying wellness packs while fighting for the country that is hiring you. By the end of the war, you are given a bonus for fighting, either a solid amount or a variable amount of gold based on how many kills you got during the war.

Either way, profits from being a war Mercenary yields higher rank, substantial monetary earnings and the fun from fighting in a war.


Once you have spent enough time fighting for one war, go to fight another. Becoming a better Mercenary means adapting to the ever-changing war tactics. It means learning from each war and using that experience to ensure more wins in the next one.

So outside of actual experience, that is all you need to know in order to succeed as a Mercenary. If you want to join Benn and me in our mercenary ways, contact either of us or comment about it on this article.

I hope you enjoyed the read.

happy fightings,

Uncle Sam


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