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Nationality Flag-Austria.jpg Austrian
National rank 35
Date of birth February 1, 2009 - Day 439
Residence Styria, Austria
Political party Austrian Independence Party
Party president of Australian Communist Party
June 2009 – July 2009
Preceded by Leon Alston
Succeeded by Garven Dreis
Senator of New South Wales
June 2009 – August 2009
Congress member of Austria
September 2009 (est) – Present
Military rank Icon rank General.png General
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman


bobdebilde AKA Bob de Bilde, was born in Victoria, Australia, on day 439 of the new world. After taking a job at a Q2 company and hemorrhaging more wellness than he had bargained for, he then joined Austral Wheat Pty Ltd, a q1 grain company. He was quite active on the Aussie forums and soon joined the ACP. His newspaper - de Oz - provides other citizens with his news & views. He resided in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg in Germany after failing to secure a seat for the ACP in the Feb 09 Senate Elections. The occupation of his then residence of Bavaria by the Polish led to an early return to Australia & his resignation from the Bundeswehr. Upon his return to Australia he returned to the ACP. Running as a successful senate candidate numerous occasions. In June '09 he was elected unopposed to the ACP Chairmanship & oversaw the brief resurgence of the party taking them to their most successful election result. After a brief absence, he now resides in Austria where he is once again active.


Soon after his birth bobdebilde was active on the Australian forums. He both suggested and campaigned for the eAustralian national anthem to be Advance Australia Fair sung to the tune of Working Class Man. His campaign however was unsuccessful, as the official anthem is We are Australian. After considering either to join the Australian Democratic Socialist Party (ADSP) or the Australian Communist Party (ACP), on day 449 of the new world, bobdebilde, joined the ACP. This was due mainly to taytaz who was keenly recruiting members for still unofficially formed party. He put forward some designs for the ACP logo, one of which ended up becoming the official logo, which was later used as the basis for the current logo.

Bob ran in the March '09 Senate (congress) elections for the ACP in NT. His campaign slogan was "Bob de Bilde, Can We Fix It? Bob de Bilde, Yes We Can!" Despite many endorsements he was unable to secure enough of the vote to be elected. He then decided to bring forward his trip to Germany with a belief in the now defunct Austro-German Union. He also was an advocate that the best way to see the return of Indonesian held Australian territory was though diplomatic means.

After the disappearance of party stalwart and founder Taytaz, the banning of Leon Alston, the party chairmanship was left vacant. Bob felt that it was time to step up to help to both help stabilize and re-energize the party, he was elected unopposed as Party Chairman in June '09. The following congress elections saw the party achieve it's best result since it's inception 7/8 candidates being elected. He had been quite active in the Party's sub forum on the Aussie forums in order to facilitate a better electoral outcome for the party. He did not put himself forward as a party chairman for a second mandate letting the enthusiastic Graven Dreis be elected unopposed. Bob continued to serve a number of terms as a senator for NSW/ACT.

After moving to his new home in Austria, bobdebilde promptly joined the Austrian Independence Party (ÖIP). In the following ÖIP party presidential elections the party founder, Travis James, was ousted as party president due to a take over move from the National Front Austria.


Bob's first military experience came soon after his move to the short lived Austro-German Union. When the PEACE Global Community-led Austrian resistance started reclaiming native Austrian regions, bob fought his first fight defending his new home. This led to joining the bundeswehr who he served with until the destruction of Germany by PEACE GC nations, when his home of Bavaria was taken over by Poland. Upon his return to Australia he soon joined the Australian Commando Unit Koalas while also serving in the Senate, which meant he was unable to be deployed for over seas operations. Most of his military experience comes from war-games during his time in the ACU Koala's.


- de Oz - is the newspaper owned and published by bobdebilde. There are 20 readers subscribed to this newspaper.