Australian Communist Party

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General Information
Country Flag-Australia.jpg Australia
Abbreviation ACP
Website [eRepublik Australia]
Forum Forum
Founded 19 February 2010 (official)
Dissolved Sometime in 2015
Congress Occupancy -
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Libertarian

The Australian Communist Party was founded by taytaz, Mouj, Scott Mitchell and jaxmoe. The party had been formed through a forum and uses a similar idea to that of Trotskyism (far-left libertarianism). It is also a place that communists from Russia came, to help establish a communist party in a country that was previously without one. On the 19th of February (Day 456 of the New World), it became an official party, with Taytaz as Party President. The party had original ID 2377, but when Australia was overrun, they changed the party ID to 4979. Sometime in 2015, the party was finally dissolved.

Party Policy


  • The ACP support a planned economy, free from exploitation and economic limitations of the situation at the time.
  • The ACP believes that extreme scrutiny of anybody with power is necessary, to protect state assets from corruption.
  • The ACP believes that the government should look beyond the wishes of the big corporations, and to those who are losing wellness, who cannot afford to train, work AND eat, to those disempowered at the hands of the powerful, no matter what their intentions may be.
  • ACP does NOT support equal wages for all, payment should be needs based.


  • The ACP support a strong, well organised Defence Force, ALWAYS separate from the party.
  • The ACP believes in strong and good relations with our Indonesian neighbours.
  • The ACP supports a democratic military.


  • The ACP believes in democracy, equality and liberty.
  • The ACP support public services like Medicare and housing.
  • The ACP encourages political debate in all forms and rejects censorship.

Party Presidents

Month and Year President
February 2009 taytaz
March 2009 taytaz
April 2009 taytaz
May 2009 Leon Alston*
May 2009 Dan Fallows*
June 2009 bobdebilde
July 2009 Garven Dreis
August 2009 Garven Dreis
September 2009 Dean Kong
October 2009 Garven Dreis
November 2009 Garven Dreis
December 2009 FallbackPants
January 2010 Dean Kong
February 2010 Comrade Bender
March 2010 Aaronel
? ?
March 2015 Rusty D
  • Leon Alston was banned during his term, accused of multiple accounts. As Leon ran unopposed, Dan Fallows, the highest-ranking Party member took over for the remainder of his term.

Senators of the Australian Communist Party

Month and Year Senator Region Votes
February 2009 taytaz New South Wales 16
February 2009 Mouj Victoria 10
February 2009 widdows9000 Northern Territory 5
February 2009 Secularist (Wildcard) Victoria 4
March 2009 taytaz New South Wales 19
March 2009 Leon Alston Victoria 4
April 2009 taytaz New South Wales 10
April 2009 Leon Alston Victoria 8
April 2009 FallbackPants Northern Territory 5
May 2009 FallbackPants New South Wales 13
May 2009 Leon Alston Victoria 4
May 2009 Mamazelle Northern Territory 3
June 2009 bobdebilde New South Wales 18
June 2009 Gecko1 Victoria 6
June 2009 Mouj Victoria 5
June 2009 killersinc Northern Territory 2
June 2009 Mamazelle Northern Territory 2
June 2009 Patrick Reckitt Tasmania 1
June 2009 London Wynne (Wildcard) New South Wales 9
July 2009 Eddie Russo New South Wales 12
July 2009 Wylie Times Victoria 9
July 2009 Johnathon Brown Northern Territory 6
July 2009 Patrick Reckitt Tasmania 2
July 2009 bobdebilde (Wildcard) New South Wales 6
August 2009 bobdebilde New South Wales 14
August 2009 Garven Dreis South Australia 4
August 2009 Johnathon Brown Northern Territory 2
August 2009 Dean Kong Tasmania 2
August 2009 Eddie Russo (Wildcard) New South Wales 7
September 2009 CookieAU New South Wales 18
September 2009 Subwayy Queensland 11
September 2009 randomface Northern Territory 3
Setember 2009 Johnathon Brown Northern Territory 2
September 2009 Garven Dreis South Australia 2
February 2010 Mr Rosewater New South Wales 17
February 2010 agentgreeny Western Australia 11
February 2010 Comrade Bender Victoria 21
February 2010 Falcoln South Australia 8
February 2010 Hinokai Tasmania 4
February 2010 Dean Kong (Wildcard) Western Australia 8

Election History

February 2009 - The Debut
The Feb 09 Australian Senate elections were going to be a turning in Australian political history since independence due to having two new parties on the political stage. It was tipped that the new parties would draw votes away from the much fancied ADSP. After much debate within the party, it was decided to put forward a total of four candidates. The ACPs election debut was an outstanding success with all four candidates winning seats. Both Mouj and Secularist in Victoria, Widdows9000 in NT and Party Chairman Taytaz in NSW.

March 2009 - A Set Back
After the 100% success rate in Feb, many in the party felt more candidates should be put forward this time around. Nine party members put themselves forward, however, due to a bug only eight were on the ballet, 3 in NT, 2 in Vic and 3 in NSW. The unfortunate ninth candidate was then sitting Senator Secularist for Vic. For a while it looked like the ACP could win three or four seats however the tide turned away from FallbackPants who narrowly missed out in NT. The end result for the party was only two members in the Senate, Taytaz (NSW) & Leon Alston (Vic).

June 2009
Under bobdebilde, the ACP had a brief resurgence in activity with 8 Senator being elected, however, this activity had died down by the end of June and the ACP failed to nominate a CP candidate on the 5th of July.

July 2009 - A resurgence
Garven Dreis was elected in July, and he aimed to increase the activity levels in the ACP. He changed the ACP Logo, managed to secure a recruitment base for new members. revived the ACP Organisation. He abandoned the old Separate ACP Forums because they had fallen inactive and no-one had access to the Admin account. He abandoned these forums in favour of the internal ACP forums eAustralian forum. He also forged a good relationship with the ADSP PP in July, however, these broke down in September following the Prime Minister elections. Garven Dreis also aimed to, successfully, internalise ACP PP elections on the eAustralian forums.

August 2009
In the August elections, a total of 9 ACP candidates had put themselves forward. The ACP was acting in tandem with the Australian Democratic Socialist Party (ADSP) and in order to get the most amount of seats possible for left-orientated parties, the states were split between the two parties. The ACP decided to run in Tasmania and Northern Territory, while ADSP took South Australia and Queensland. The two most populated states of NSW and Queensland were open for either party. Also, both parties were allowed to run one candidate in the other parties territories. The election ended with 5/9 ACP candidates being elected (Garven Dreis, Johnathon Brown, Bobdebilde, Eddie Ruso and Dean Kong). Member Andrei1095 was also on track to being voted in until he was perma banned after the first few hours of the election.

September 2009
In the September elections, a record high of 10 ACP candidates went forward. However, only 4 candidates still made it into Senate this month. In the term that followed 2 of our senators left, CookieAU and randomface, so we were left with 2, Subwayy and Garven Dreis. In other news, Dean Kong, the party president, and Garven Dreis were approached by some Slovakian Communists who wanted to escape to eAustralia to escape persecution in their own country. After much deliberation, and background checks by the Department of Immigration, Customs and Security, they decided to allow them into their party. Also, the ACP was approached by the world-wide leftist group The Internationale and agreed to become a member.

October 2009 - A Slump
The first half of October saw a larger boost of activity in the forums, and plans for starting communes continued. However, Paul Hamon took over the inactive eLabor Party, and renamed it the Procreate and Populate Party. The PaPP's membership swelled rapidly, and before the Senate Elections came around had already overtaken the ACP's membership by nearly 15 members. This forced ACP members to run under different parties for Senate, mostly the AIP, but the only ACP member to get into Senate at the return to the ACP was Dean Kong, who got 2nd most votes overall in elections running under the ADSP. However PaPP membership continued to rise, and as of the time of writing are sitting in 3rd place membership-wise, and closing in on the ANP, while ACP members dropped to below 60.

November 2009 - Slump Continues
Slump has continued during November with ACP members residing below 40 members. Not much more has happened, but the ACP has gotten a large number of communes started, headed by people such as FallbackPants, Chris Carnage, Shazbah, along with a few others. Once again the only ACP senator is Dean Kong, who was also picked for his second consecutive term as Senate Speaker.

December 2009 - The Settling Dust
At long last the ACP slump had slowed down, residing to its loyal membership base of around 40 members. However, ACP activity has increased overall with the return of FallbackPants from the United States, who took over the Party Presidency in the elections from 4 times elected Garven Dreis who just had an unsuccessful Country President run. Fallback who was a prominent leader of the military in the United States has used his knowledge to found the Dingo Militia, a privately run military group with members from Communist and left-leaning parties such as the newly founded People's Democracy Party, changed the name from the Australian Democratic Socialist Party. On top of the new Dingo Militia group, the ACP communes are fully operational and many new members are seeking jobs for minimum wage and in return being given goods such as weapons, food and gifts. In other news, since the ACP is still not a top 5 party (and likely won't be for a while longer), Senate elections resulted in a poor turnout with once again only Dean Kong winning a seat in NSW and also being elected as Inspector general of Australia.

January 2010- Just Too Close
In January ACP returned to become a player on the Australian Political scene. This was due to many coinciding events, the largest of which was the implosion of the once dominant Australian Democratic Socialist Party which was started by Paul Hamon's Newbie Revolution in the Procreate and Populate Party and ended by it being PTOed by Pizza The Hut. It was also helped along by a boost in party spirit that helped increase the Commie Commune to 3 companies and the creation of the party's army, the Dingo Militia. ACP was fighting against the Erepublik Alliance for 5th spot and lost a close battle.

February 2010 - Finally
ACP looked like it had no chance at getting into the Top 5 parties in February. AMP kept on gaining members, AI, ANP and PaPP stayed solid and even the once great ADSP didn't seem to be losing members fast enough to miss out on a Top 5 spot. But thanks to some clever promotions by Aussie Blokee after his election on the 15th, the ACP managed to scrape into the Top 5 by election day. ACP then had a very successful election for a comparatively small party. ACP won 6 out of 40 seats, beating the Procreate and Populate Party on the number of Senate seats gained.

March 2010 - Mixed Month
Throughout the month ACP consolidated its gains and increased the gap between it and the lower parties in memberships. It was looking like a certain Top 5 finish a few days before the election and some might have even though about a 4th place as the PaPP continued to slump to new lows. But it wasn't to be. On the eve of the election, it was revealed that the National Pirate Party had been PTOed. It was a race against the clock to get members from other parties into the ACP, AI and PaPP so as the PTOers wouldn't be able to run candidates and while it was still uncertain in the final minutes ACP just missed out on the opportunity to run Senate candidates, due to the multiple accounts used by the PTOers. Fortunately, the PTO failed and ACP regained a Top 5 position within days with even more members than before. For the PM elections, the ACP supported Patti11.

The ACP logo was designed by bobdebilde and is made up of the following elements;

  • Federation/Commonwealth star, to represent the entire nation & lands of Australia.
  • Hammer and Sickle in the centre of the star to represent Communism/Socialism.
  • The Kangaroo & the Emu which are animals that can only move forward. They are holding up the ACP star which represents Australia moving forward together with the Ideals of Socialism & Communism.