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Dead citizen


Citizen1297835 old.jpg
Nationality Flag-Serbia.jpg Serbian
Date of birth February 4, 2009 (Day 442)
Date of death 2013
Sex Male
Newspaper Zoook666
President of Serbia
April 6, 2010 – May 6, 2010
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia
Minister of Finance of Serbia
Vice president of Serbia
Secretary General of Phoenix
September 30, 2010 – November 1, 2010
Preceded by tmv23
Succeeded by Frerk

Clueless was a citizen of Flag-Serbia.jpg Serbia. He was its president in April 2010 as well as a member of governments on many occasions in 2009–2011. During his prime, he was considered to be one of the top diplomats and strategists in Serbia and in game overall; Clueless and Kistru were regarded as a first duo of great Serbian diplomats, followed by gid1 and Baltazar8.

He is one of the persons credited with the formation and running of ONE.


Besides being a successful politician and strategist, Clueless was also one of the strongest fighters in Serbia. In 2013, he was ranked as 2nd most experienced player in Serbia, only behind SnowderBlazer.


Clueless was an active member of the Reforma party.

Clueless has been elected in Congress on 6 occasions in the past.

President of Serbia

Clueless was elected as the President of Serbia in April 2010.

Clueless received 1908 votes, and was supported by 4 parties, including the Party-Stranka srpske reforme.jpg Reforma party of which he was a member. Supporting parties were: the Party-Stranka Zdravog Razuma.jpg Stranka Zdravog Razuma, |Party-Srpska Konzervativna Stranka.jpg Srpska Konzervativna Stranka, Rock and Roll, and Milet je kralj svemira.

Clueless defeated rival candidates Sever4ever (1371 votes), Gorano (683 votes), ShoneDS (318 votes), and Lukaz (251 votes).


Clueless owned the newspaper Zoook666, which had 1349 subscribers.

He has earned 2 Media Mogul achievements so far.


Clueless earned 2 Society Builder achievements.

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