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In 2011, citizens voted for an individual Congress candidate on a party list in a certain region. Unfortunately, some data about these individual results, especially which regions Congress members represented, was lost. This is the complete overview of the Congress elections in Taiwan in 2011.


Flag Party name No. of Votes Vote % Seats Won Seat %
Party-TaiwanTradeEmpire.jpg TaiwanTradeEmpire 324 37.59% 15 41,67%
Party-Taiwan GoGoGo Party.jpg Taiwan GoGoGo Party 208 24.13% 7 19,44%
Party-Citizen First Party.gif Citizen First Party 177 20.53% 7 19,44%
Party-KOKA in the House.jpg KOKA in the House 111 12.88% 5 13,89%
Default party logo.gif Gensokyo 42 4.87% 2 5,56%

June 2011
Elected Congress member Elected as a member of Representative of a region
Puraland TaiwanTradeEmpire Gangwon-do
Florz Gangwon-do
ming83620 Chongqing
Hsin104 Chongqing
redwannil Jeju
CoCoPeLi Jeju
zamil72300 Northern Taiwan
kabuyaPTT Northern Taiwan
Hunter Cheng Northern Taiwan
DanielKuo Central Taiwan
Fantasy77 Eastern Taiwan
謝銘祐 Eastern Taiwan
Pathetic Trample Eastern Taiwan
plarq Southern Taiwan
jojowang Southern Taiwan
Phiss Taiwan GoGoGo Party N/A
LockLuck N/A
eliteark N/A
Bread100 N/A
ReStar N/A
s871101c N/A
No6Mdma N/A
Gary Lin Citizen First Party N/A
liuli N/A
carnegielu N/A
AllenLee N/A
jinhuang N/A
Bili Bili N/A
PTTz KOKA in the House N/A
Sadanaga N/A
aibocow N/A
51f013 N/A
ivoryfeather N/A
SORA Cheng Gensokyo N/A
Guderian117 N/A
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