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Congress candidate is a citizen who was nominated for the upcoming Congress elections.


To run for a Congress, a party member needs to click Run for Congress button.

On the party homepage, every party member with a Level 15 (minimum 300 Experience points) or higher can nominate themselves for the Congress.

To do the nomination process, it is necessary to go on the Congress section of the party page, click on the Run for Congress button, eventually add a link to the Congress presentation page (the page where you explain why you should became part of the Congress) and confirm everything by clicking agree.

After clicking agree, your name will be added to the party list.

Note: Link to the presentation page can be changed after submitting the candidacy.

Withdrawing candidacy

To withdraw the candidacy, Congress candidate needs to click Resign candidacy button.

At any point, you can withdraw yourself from the run for Congress by going back to the Congress section of the party page and clicking the Resign candidacy button.

Important dates

A party member can became a Congress candidate between the 16th at 00:01 and the 23rd at 23:59 every month. The final order on the party list is confirmed at 25th at 00:00, the moment when the Congress elections start.

List of Congress candidates

List of Congress candidates

It is important to differentiate two different lists of Congress candidates.


The proposed candidates are put on a list that is being compiled from the 16th until the 23rd. It can be viewed from the party page, under Congress tab, show proposed Congress candidates button.


The final list is the one that is published for top 5 political parties in a country and can be voted upon on the Congress elections day.

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