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Aircraft battles or Aerial battles are part of the regular campaign, mixed with regular ground battles. After each 3 ground battles the fourth one will be an aircraft battle. They were introduced on Day 3,165.[1]

Icon division Airforce blue.png The division term is Airforce.

General information

  • Aircraft battles are not divided between divisions, and all the fighters’ influence will count against one wall.
  • An aircraft battle will give 22 campaign points to the winning side (winning all divisions of the ground division battle awards 11 campaign points). A total of 94 campaign points is still required for winning a campaign in the war.
  • Aircraft battle occurs every 3 rounds in a campaign, meaning at the rounds 4, 8, 12 and 16.
  • MPPs are active in aircraft battles.
  • In the initial release aircraft battles will not be subject to the epic state mechanic.

Fighting as a pilot

Aerial battlefield
  • In-game strength doesn't impact pilot abilities. Aviation's corresponding skill is perception, but according to the admins it will never be implemented for actual use, to avoid creating huge gaps as happened with ground battles. As a result of having constantly 0 perception level, new players can now compete with old players more easily.
  • All players will gain experience points normally, even the ones that purchased Infantry kits.
  • The damage accelerator and prestige points booster can be used normally. Other battle and damage boosters CANNOT be used.
  • The damage bonuses received with the elite citizen status and the NE apply normally.
  • The military rank bonus available in the War stash pack will count towards aircraft rank progression as well.
  • Only weapons produced in the aircraft weapons industry can be used. Bazookas, rockets, cruise missile and bombs and other existing special weapons CANNOT be used in aircraft battles. The pilot can also fight without weapons as the damage formula used in the ground battles applies.

Damage calculation

It is reminded that influence is what is actually calculated and not damage, as influence now has much more weight in battles, while damage has lost its value in such degree that it is like no longer exists.
The formula to calculate the damage is the same as the one for the ground battles, but having perception set constantly to 0, it is simplified and becomes:

I = 10 × (1 + R/5) × (1 + FP/100)
  • I: Influence of hit
  • R: Numeric value of aircraft rank
  • FP: Firepower (0 for without weapon, 20 for Q1 aircraft)

Infantry kit in aircraft battles

  • The experience inhibitor feature of the infantry kit will not work in aircraft battles.


Icon achievement Sky Hero on.gif

The citizens that deal the most damage in aircraft battles (for each of the involved sides) will earn the Sky hero (SH) medal (similar to the Battle hero medal), and receive Icon-gold.gif 30 GOLD as the reward. Sky Hero medals are available for each aircraft battle of a campaign.


Special decorations are available for the citizens that manage to become the first citizen to reach a new rank in either worldwide or national rankings. They will receive a golden decoration, while the next 9 citizens will receive silver decorations. Only the very first rank of its kind will count (e.g. the Squadron leader 0.png Squadron Leader rank will award decorations, the Squadron leader 2.png Squadron Leader** will not).

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