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The profile page can be easily accessed by clicking on your citizen name from the permanent profile review on the left side. On your profile page, you will find all the information about your citizen in eRepublik, divided into several categories.

Top Section


In this section you will find your basic information about your citizen. Features:

  • 169 Before your profile name your experience level is shown. Hovering over it will show your experience points and points needed until the next level will be reached
  • Online.png The green bar below profile name indicates that you are online
  • Icon special achievement Ambassador.gif If the citizen is member of the Ambassador Program, he will have this icon.
  • Icon game moderator 1.pngIcon game moderator 2.pngIcon game moderator 3.png the Moderator icon, if the player is a moderator
  • Icon elite citizen.png the elite citizen badge, awarded to citizens who have reached experience level 101.
  • Edit profile button.png Edit profile link
  • Friends tab.jpg Tab Friends
  • Invited friends tab.jpg Tab Invited friends

Friends tab

  • Friends tab.jpg
    • Upon clicking this tab, you will be redirected to the full list of your friends.
      • Gift icon which will lead to your friend profile page.
      • Send a message to a friend by clicking the envelope icon.
      • Remove a friend by clicking the X.

Invited friends tab

  • Invited friends tab.jpg
    • This tab will lead to Gold bonus tab. It is used to show friends you invited and bonus gold you got from their rewards (level up or achieve an achievement) or bought gold.

You will also see the list of the friends you brought to the game.

Citizen information (below top section)

Citizen information is structured by 8 sections:

  1. About me
  2. Achievements
  3. Military attributes
  4. Decorations
  5. True patriot
  6. Top damage in a campaign
  7. Guerrilla fights history
  8. Mass destruction weapons history

About me

About me section containts Wiki Link blackbook.jpg wikilink to your own Citizen Page on the Official eRepublik Wiki and description which you can edit by going to your Edit profile page.


Here is where you will find the achievements of your citizen.
Your citizen can be involved in different aspects of eRepublik such as the economy, politics, military and media. The number of achievements is marked with the number in the trophy.

Military attributes

Here is where you can see your current military rank, aircraft rank, your current strength, division and perception, showing all the benefits and requirements of it once hoovered over. They are all listed and you will see their level and progress to next level.


Under the Decorations section you can find all sorts of decorations that have been awarded to you. Decorations are granted for acts of great valour in tournaments and events of the New World.

True patriot history

Here is where you can see your current True patriot medal progress. If you change your citizenship a new line will appear with true patriot history where you can see how much damage you have dealt for your first citizenship country. If you change your citizenship again, you will see both your old progress bars.

Top damage in campaign

Top damage.png

Here is where you can see your current top damage in a campaign. Amount of damage, country, day and battle of your top damage are listed.

Guerrilla fight history

GF section.png

Guerrilla fights sections show the number of won and lost guerrilla fights.

Mass destruction weapons history

Mass destruction weapons history.png

The mass destruction weapons history shows the number of bombs and rockets used by your citizen and the last battle in which the weapon was used.

Column sections (left from the top section)

There are also 2 column sections:

  • Other Citizen Information
  • Activity

Column other citizen info

Column1 profile.jpg

Column Activity

How a full column looks like

Other features

What other users see

When you visit the profile of another citizen, you will not see all of the information that you can see about yourself. You will also have some additional options.

The five buttons in the top right corner:

  • Block citizen - block citizen from receiving in-game private messages
  • Add as friend/Remove friend - add (or remove) from the friends list
  • Send message - send an in-game private message to another citizen
  • Report abuse - pops up the window to report that citizen
  • Donate items - enables the page where you can donate items
  • Donate money - enables the page where you can donate money
  • Send a gift - pops up page where you can choose one of the packs to gift

When you block a citizen, in case that citizen is in the same group message as you are, you will see the text [Blocked user message] instead of his/hers actual message. When you unblock that user, those hidden messages will become visible again.
Banned or Deceased players will also have a notice on their profile page stating that they are dead or banned. Permamentbaned.pngDeadcitizen.png

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