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Central Montenegro is a historical capital of Montenegro.

Historical capital represents a capital of a country based on real life. The concept was introduced during 2015 Resource Wars, during which each historical capital region received Icon - Fish.png Fish as a resource. Other than that, it plays no important role in the New World, except for the info being displayed on in-game pages of historical capitals.


Country Historical capital
Flag-Albania.jpg Albania Tirana
Flag-Argentina.jpg Argentina Pampas
Flag-Armenia.jpg Armenia Central Armenia
Flag-Australia.jpg Australia New South Wales
Flag-Austria.jpg Austria Lower Austria
Flag-Belarus.jpg Belarus Minskaya
Flag-Belgium.jpg Belgium Brussels
Flag-Bolivia.jpg Bolivia Bolivian Altiplano
Flag-Bosnia and Herzegovina.jpg Bosnia and Herzegovina Federation of BiH
Flag-Brazil.jpg Brazil Center West of Brazil
Flag-Bulgaria.jpg Bulgaria Sofia
Flag-Canada.jpg Canada Ontario
Flag-Chile.jpg Chile Zona Central
Flag-China.jpg China Beijing
Flag-Colombia.jpg Colombia Cundiboyacense
Flag-Croatia.jpg Croatia Central Croatia
Flag-Cuba.jpg Cuba Western Cuba
Flag-Cyprus.jpg Cyprus Southern Cyprus
Flag-Czech Republic.jpg Czech Republic Northern Bohemia
Flag-Denmark.jpg Denmark Hovedstaden
Flag-Egypt.jpg Egypt Lower Egypt
Flag-Estonia.jpg Estonia Pohja-Eesti
Flag-Finland.jpg Finland Southern Finland
Flag-France.jpg France Paris Isle of France
Flag-Georgia.jpg Georgia Inner Kartli
Flag-Germany.jpg Germany Brandenburg and Berlin
Flag-Greece.jpg Greece Attica
Flag-Hungary.jpg Hungary Central Hungary
Flag-India.jpg India Northern India
Flag-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia Java
Flag-Iran.jpg Iran Northwestern Iran
Flag-Ireland.jpg Ireland Dublin
Flag-Israel.jpg Israel Jerusalem district
Flag-Italy.jpg Italy Lazio
Flag-Japan.jpg Japan Kanto
Flag-Latvia.jpg Latvia Vidzeme
Flag-Lithuania.jpg Lithuania Dainava
Flag-Malaysia.jpg Malaysia Peninsular Malaysia
Flag-Mexico.jpg Mexico Valley of Mexico
Flag-Montenegro.jpg Montenegro Central Montenegro
Flag-Netherlands.jpg Netherlands Western Netherlands
Flag-New Zealand.jpg New Zealand Wellington
Flag-Nigeria.jpg Nigeria North Central States
Flag-North Korea.jpg North Korea Pyongan
Flag-Norway.jpg Norway Ostlandet
Flag-Pakistan.jpg Pakistan Punjab
Flag-Paraguay.jpg Paraguay Paranena
Flag-Peru.jpg Peru Lima
Flag-Philippines.jpg Philippines Luzon
Flag-Poland.jpg Poland Mazovia
Flag-Portugal.jpg Portugal Lisboa
Flag-Republic of China (Taiwan).jpg Republic of China (Taiwan) Northern Taiwan
Flag-North Macedonia.jpg Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Povardarie
Flag-Republic of Moldova.jpg Republic of Moldova Chisinau
Flag-Romania.jpg Romania Muntenia
Flag-Russia.jpg Russia Moscow and Central Russia
Flag-Saudi Arabia.jpg Saudi Arabia Al Riyadh
Flag-Serbia.jpg Serbia Belgrade
Flag-Singapore.jpg Singapore Singapore City
Flag-Slovakia.jpg Slovakia Bratislava
Flag-Slovenia.jpg Slovenia Lower Carniola
Flag-South Africa.jpg South Africa Western Cape
Flag-South Korea.jpg South Korea Gyeonggi-do
Flag-Spain.jpg Spain Madrid
Flag-Sweden.jpg Sweden Svealand
Flag-Switzerland.jpg Switzerland Deutschschweiz
Flag-Thailand.jpg Thailand Central Thailand
Flag-Turkey.jpg Turkey Central Anatolia
Flag-Ukraine.jpg Ukraine Dnipro
Flag-United Arab Emirates.jpg United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi
Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom London
Flag-Uruguay.jpg Uruguay Charrua
Flag-USA.jpg USA District of Columbia
Flag-Venezuela.jpg Venezuela Venezuelan Capital