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On the 12th of January 2011, Egypt, alongside with other Arabic and Muslim nations: Icon-Saudi Arabia.png Saudi Arabia and the Icon-United Arab Emirates.png United Arab Emirates, was formally announced to be created in the new world. Seven days later on January 19, 2011, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates were officially added to the new world. Egypt was added to the new world with six territories that consisted of Sinai, Lower Egypt, Upper Egypt, Western Desert, Middle Egypt, and the Red Sea Coast.

Shortly after Heboo was elected as the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, the United Arab Emirates was politically taken over by Russians and Serbians. In an effort to free Saudi Arabia from its foreign occupiers and to give the land back to its Arab citizens, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, led by Lawrence of Arabia invaded the United Arab Emirates. However, contrary to popular belief, Saudi Arabia did not invade the United Arab Emirates in an attempt to secure its resources. At this time, Israel, which had vowed to intervene in Arabia if the newly-formed Arab nations went to war in order to protect the new nations' newly acquired independence, promptly declared war on the Saudi Arabia in an attempt to halt their invasion of the United Arab Emirates. Having been dragged into the massive conflict known as the Middle Eastern War, Heboo showed tremendous skill in weaving Egypt successfully through the devastating conflict. Egypt, which at the time was an ally of both Israel and Saudi Arabia, after discussions between Heboo and Lawrence of Arabia, intervened in the war in order to secure the holy regions of Madinah and Makkah from Israel and any other foreign nations so that the holy regions would remain under the control of a predominantly Muslim nation. At the beginning of the war, Saudi Arabia was constantly defeated by the combined forces of the United Arab Emirates and Israel, and the Saudi Arabian people, in an attempt to keep more of their regions from falling into the hands of foreign occupiers, began to call for a union between Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Lawrence of Arabia supported this action and while holding the Israelis off in the north and the Emiratis in the east, allowed Egypt to capture as many Saudi Arabian regions as possible. A notable region annexed by Egypt from Saudi Arabia was the region of Al-Qasim. Taking advantage of the chaos in the region, Cyprus, a strong nation that was surrounded by even stronger neighbors such as Turkey and Greece which had prevented them from expanding, launched a resistance war against the occupying nation of Greece and overthrew the Greek authorities. Now free, the Cypriots hungered to create an empire of their own and seeing opportunity in chaotic Arabia, Cyprus declared war on the Arab Republic of Egypt. The Cypriots quickly launched an assault on Sinai and captured, easily batting aside the disorganized citizen militia that was the Egyptian army. Desperate for assistance, Egypt sent a message to the Greek government demanding that Greece reconquer Cyprus and keep the peace in the Middle East. While Cyprus was busy forging an empire in Arabia, Greece assaulted their homelands and quickly captured them. The island of Cyprus' last region, Southern Cyprus, was the last region to fall. Then, unexpected by the Egyptian government, Greece followed Cyprus into Arabia, and conquered Sinai as well as the Red Sea Coast which had also been captured by Cyprus. The war ended soon after when Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates came to a peace agreement. However, Saudi Arabia was forced to surrender unconditionally and most of its regions remained under the control of Greece, Israel, and Iran, who had also taken advantage of the chaos to capture a few Saudi Arabian territories. Greece also refused to return Sinai and the Red Sea Coast to Egypt until Egypt was stronger and had a bigger population. The Middle East War led to deteriorating relationships between Saudi Arabia and Egypt, as well as the United Arab Emirates. All three of the Arab nations would go to war several times over the next several months.

Greco-Egyptian War was initiated with Natural Enemy proposal by the Greece congress against Egypt on May the 7th. The Egyptian congress had just faced a similar proposal by Iran and was urged by its leaders not to foolishly and immediately issue a counter proposal. After negotiations by the Egypt and Greece's CPs it was revealed that the proposal was intended for a land swap, not a full invasion. The Greeks had merely forgotten to notify Egypt of their desire for Sinai to connect to their Saudi Arabian colonies. A full land deal was published involving the trade of three regions each which was met with much disdane by the Egyptian public, however they reluctantly followed the country battle orders. The land swap became a full war when during the second battle for the Western Dessert Greek population overcame the Greek military and won the battle in the Western Desert, taking a territory not in the original land swap. Acting quickly Arab League reached out to the international community for support in the land swap and found only the gracious hand of Macedonia. An MPP was swiftly purposed and as it reached approval a cry of betrayal erupted in Greece. Wrongly fearing a sneak invasion by Macedonia, Greece fully occupied and erased Egypt before the MPP could take effect. They then declared that Egypt would be so occupied until the MPP with Macedonia ended. Fully occupied by Greece the Egyptian population became guerrilla fighters and aided Macedonia in there invasion from the north by initiating damage draining resistance wars in multiple regions as often as possible. The Greeks economy had grown strong with the help of resources from there Middle East economy and as such they frequently traded lands to protect the colonies from a successful rebellion. However after the Macedonians captured regions surrounding the Greek capital, cutting it off from trade completely, it became clear that Greece was making resistance wars the campaign of the day to punish Egypt for its alliance to Macedonia. The Greco-Egyptian war ended in the belligerent category when Macedonia liberated all the regions from Greece, however Egypt continued to fight with its Macedonian brothers on the battlefield against Greece in Other Arab Soil in the Arabian Peninsula. A formal Non-Agression Pact was rejected by Egypt on June 13th, however relations have been normalized by the efforts of both countries MoFA.

On June 15th, the President of Egypt Varlosh, and the President of Saudi Arabia have Both Announced their Joining to an Arab Confederation treaty, to push for Integration between Both States, that might one day reach for a complete Union.

A NE proposal by a freshman congressman in Egypt almost launched Egypt into a war with Iran. The measure was heavily defeated in the Egyptian congress but the Iranians still pushed for war, claiming Egypt was "twisting the lions tail". The measure was narrowly defeated in the Iranian congress due to mass messaging by MoFA ReconWarHawk, political campaigning for international support by AhmedAE, Macedonian interference, and a helpful vMoFA in Iran. At the same time a plan was revealed for Iran and Cyprus to jointly invade and occupy Egypt. Egypt, then a good friend of Cyprus, was shocked and angered but after the NE crisis with Iran faded relations were renewed and Sinai was given as a gift to Cyprus for continued friendship and as a block against war with Iran.

Near the end of the second term of president Varlosh, a string of trolling incidents almost led to the worsening of Arab-Israeli relations. It was initiated by Daniel_Ender, a regional troll, who was quickly banned by Egyptian MoDs for among other things upsetting the Islamic members by stating he "rapes Allah". Soon DanielMorad, the Israeli MoD, entered Egyptian IRC and started a conversation that ended with a kick-ban from Egyptian chat. DanielMorad demanded a removal of the bans and an apology or ties between the country would be severed. Somewhere along the line the Israeli CP, OctaviusJ, along with a random Israeli, Tom Kafir, were banned from Egypt as well further straining relations. MoFA ReconWarHawk attempted to persuade the Israelis to drop the apology demanded and was successful in removing the bans on the Israelis. However it was not until Arab League, acting as Supreme President of the Confederacy, arranged a conference that relations returned to normal between Egypt and Israel

In July 2011. Cecenija was elected as first non-Arab President of Egypt. He was regarded by the Opposition most prominently Former President Varlosh, and his Vice Ahmed AE as a PTOer (Political Take Over), several Impeachment laws were created and he finally decided to step down, to give Power to the second runner up Varlosh. After taking office Varlosh had a series of work to accomplish to return Egypt to stability. Egypt had become a battleground for Cyprus and Macedonia. Egypt, being allies of both, attempted neutrality but inevitably was forced to pick a side and sided with Macedonia. As such the Cypriots invaded Egypt to regain land and provide more catalyst for a NE proposal against Macedonia later. Combined with Greece, Egypts first major enemy, regaining all of their original territories and insurrection in Italy leaving Macedonia only with her original territories and a few regions she had won from Cyprus in Egypt. Macedonia quickly moved its capital to the Red Sea Coast and expanded rapidly to have resource bonus' and amongst all of this Egypt had ended up erased. Originally intending to run Akhraziel, Varlosh asked to be run instead for one more term.

The following election in August 2011. was between two strong candidates, Varlosh and WichCro, and one very loud candidate ReconWarHawk. ReconWarHawk was the ambitious ex-MoFA who had an unfortunate break with Varlosh government, particularly over diplomatic handlings between Macedonia and Cyprus. As such he choose to run himself and structured an intellegent and well-planned campaign consisting of five articles. Varlosh published one article, running mainly on experience he did not provide complete specifics but more of a moral boosting article, and AhmedAE began character assassination of ReconWarHawk. WichCro wrote a grand total of zero articles. When election time came around WichCro recieved 53 votes, Varlosh 56, and ReconWarHawk recieved 8. However during the administrative removal of multiple accounts used for voting Varlosh lost six votes and WichCro was declared the winner. Later 3 additional votes were removed from Varlosh and he ended up having 47 votes. ReconWarHawk, who had run largely on putting an end to Croatian-Egyptian tension, was appointed VP by WichCro and instructed, among other things, to help end the conflict between the Croatians and Egyptians. After running between all of the Egyptian leaders, and taking three days leave for a RL event, he had finally gotten the Egyptians and Croatians to talk to each other and govern the country together. The negotiations appeared to be making progress but when one of the Egyptians, a good friend of ReconWarHawks, called ReconWarHawk a traitor and PTOer the negotiations completely fell apart. This is due to the lack of any mediator as ReconWarHawk then left Egypt for Israel.

President WichCro maintained enough power in Congress to avoid impeachment, most of foreigners supported his political policy. He worked hard to reestablish trust among Croatian community who worked hard in order to help Egypt to stand on their own feet. Varlosh, because he lost on the last elections, published an article containing a picture of Croatian flag being burned. Croatian community started to ignore Egypt and discontinued it's help to Egypt in any way possible. WichCro worked onto renewing the trust between the Croats and Egyptians and he was successful. His work was later continued by the next presidents, Adriatic_Rage and Pitlja.

Elected presidents in October 2011. was Pitlja666. He and his government made lot efforts on ensuring Egypt survival and used diplomacy relationships to strengthen friendly relations with Egypt neighbors: Macedonia, Iran, Israel, Cyprus and UAE. He also decided to make Egypt army stronger so he founded new military unit called Pharaoh Tank Order, consisted of strongest Egypt fighters, so they can even better protect country stability. There are some rebels in country that are not supporting elected president and his government but that is minor occurrence.