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General Information
Country Flag-Pakistan.jpg Pakistan
Colors Green, Red
Founded May, 2010
Dissolved Sometime in 2011
Congress Occupancy 0 /20 seats, 0%
Orientation Revolutionary
Ideology Kashmiri Soveriegnty


Hurriyat, literally meaning "Freedom", was a Kashmiri party based in Icon-Pakistan.png Pakistan. It was created in May 2010 by Policy at first as a means for political expression for the Pakistani people and later for the Kashmiri people. The party was based upon the values of brotherhood and the sovereignty of the Kashmiri people.


The party was created in May 2010, after the Pakistani - Indian war which left Pakistan without any parties as they had been all transferred to India due to game mechanics. Pakistan was scheduled to receive its freedom two days before Country President elections, however, due to bugs which resulted in a resistance war going into overtime, Pakistan received its freedom the day Presidential Candidates were final. Fearing a month without a President, Policy after talks to members of the Pakistani community created a party, from personal funds, to try to nominate a Presidential candidate. However, the party was unable to nominate a Presidential candidate, but due to a bug in game mechanics, the previous President AgentChieftain carried on as President.

Pakistan League

Pakistan League was the first name of the party, the party aimed to create a unified Pakistan within a single party, for ATO reasons. Unfortunately, the party was lost to PTO shortly after its creation.

Pakistanian Republic Party

Pakistanian Republic Party was the name of the party after it was PTO'd by EDEN-backed Icon-Ukraine.png Ukrainian PTO'rs. The party served to further the agenda of the Ukrainian PTO'rs. The party was under the control of Ukrainian PTO for two months after which it was stolen by har103.

Uni Sol Political Center

Uni Sol Political Center was the name of the party after it was stolen by har103 from Ukrainian PTO'rs. The party was stolen by har103, even though countless attempts were made for the return of the party before and after the party was stolen. Members of the Pakistani community, such as pak_land were against the return of the party and strongly supported har103. Coupled with the lack of support by a once thought ally and the silence of many of the Pakistani community, Policy felt extremely disappointed and contemplated on leaving Pakistan.

The party was used as a proxy by the now banned for multi-accounts, Uni Sol, lead by solely by har103. The party was used to further Uni Sol's agendas, many going against what the party was originally created for. The party, as a proxy, violated Pakistani state law by refusing to donate Congressional gold to the nation and by attempted Presidential PTO's of Pakistan. The party also sought the overthrow of the national military, the Pakistani Armed Forces. Both did not succeed, the later due to Uni Sol's proposed head of this operation being a Kashmiri nationalist and joining the national military to ensure stability in the nation and help the anti-state actions.

The party was under har103 for 3 months. In the second month, Policy devised a secret operation, Azadi Ki Pyar (literally "Love of Freedom"). The operation's main objective was to eliminate Uni Sol and regain the party.


On 16, November 2010 the party was regained from Uni Sol. Policy, Shahrose Khan and kotekzot jr lead the struggle for the liberation of the party. The day was one for celebration, the population of Jammu and Kashmir came out onto the streets and celebrated, slogans in support of Hurriyat could be heard from the capital of Pakistan, Punjab.


The party strongly believed in the sovereignty of the Kashmiri people, and a nation of their own. It rejected all claims to Kashmir by Icon-Pakistan.png Pakistan and Icon-India.png India and endorsed a free country of Kashmir. On the issue of the Kashmiri diaspora residing in the New World, Hurriyat strides steadfast to bring all members of the diaspora together under one banner, the banner of a strengthened Kashmiri community, regardless of religion, caste or creed.

View on the Kashmiri Pandits

The Hurriyat believed that the Kashmiri Pandits were part of the Kashmiri community and had an integral role to play in its affairs. The party was against any mockery of the Pandit culture, including the use of cows in trolling activities.


The Hurriyat see's Pakistan as a fellow nation in South Asia and strides for improvement of already stable relations. Hurriyat believes for a prosperous and stable Kashmir, a good relationship with Pakistan is needed. The Hurriyat founder, Policy, has been involved in Pakistani Affairs for a long period of time and is a former President of Pakistan. Many of the found Hurriyat members originated in Pakistan.


The Hurriyat had a policy of engagement with Icon-India.png India. Though the view of the many in the Indian community differed from their view on the status of Kashmir, the Hurriyat believed in finding a middle-ground through peaceful negotiations. It did not endorse the occupation of the Indian land and hoped the Indian Government could reach a peaceful status-quo with Pakistan.