Irish Tank Division

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This military unit played an important role in creating military history, however today it is no longer active

Irish Tank Division

Irish Tank Division.png

If you're not a Tanker, you're a wanker

General Information
Founded April 14, 2010
Disbanded N/A
Country Flag-Ireland.jpg Ireland
Type Armoured
Part of Irish Defence Forces

The Irish Tank Division was a branch of the Irish Defence Forces formed in the month of April 2010 as part of the Irish Defence Forces Reform for V2. Under Chief of Staff, Cpl Useless, the IDF was split into four divisions in accordance with the four division system of infantry, artillery, helicopters and tanks.

The Irish Tank Division is specially meant for the Tank Skill. All serving personnel of the ITD were specializing in the Tank skill during V2.

The Irish Defense Forces Tank Division

ITD FV101 Scorpion Tank

The Irish Tank Division was commissioned April 14, 2010, by Chief of staff of the Irish Defense Forces, Cpl Useless. The command of the division was given to Major General Michael Hook. The division consists of two brigades with 1st Brigade commanded by Brigadier General Anthony Colby and 2nd Brigade commanded by Brigadier General Joe2987. The original organization of the Division was three Brigades with Michael Hook, Anthony Colby and Castaneda commanding. Within the week it was seen that two Brigades would be a better division of strength and when Castaneda resigned as executive officer command of 2nd Brigade was given to Joe2987. On May 12, 2010, Michael Hook resigned as CO of the Division due to commitments in the government and command of the Division was given to newly promoted Major General Anthony Colby. On May 17, Brigadier General MoonBeam was given command of the 1st Brigade. On June 22, 2010 Marcus Suridius was promoted to Brigadier General and given command of 2nd T.A.C. On August 7, 2010, Marcus Suridius was made joint Minister of Defense along with Niall H. Upon assuming duties as MoD, Marcus Suridius promoted Anthony Colby to Commander General of the Irish Defense Forces. Upon promotion, Brigadier General MoonBeam was promoted to Major General and made Commanding Officer of the Irish Tank Division.

Brigade Organization

The Irish Tank Division was divided into two separate units.

1st T.A.C. (Tactical Armored Corps.) is known as "The Reapers" This unit was commanded by Brigadier General MoonBeam.

Reapers.jpg 1st T.A.C. Badge

2nd T.A.C. (Tactical Armored Corps.) is known as "The Banshee's Wail" This unit was commanded by Brigadier General Joe2987.

Banshee's Wail.jpg 2nd T.A.C. Badge

Commanders of the Irish Tank Division
Date Division Commander 1st Brigade Commander 2nd Brigade Commander
4/14/2010 Michael Hook Anthony Colby Castaneda
4/22/2010 Michael Hook Anthony Colby Joe2987
5/12/2010 Anthony Colby Joe2987
5/17/2010 Anthony Colby MoonBeam Joe2987
6/22/2010 Anthony Colby MoonBeam Marcus Suridius
8/7/2010 MoonBeam

Command Structure

Irish Tank Division Command Structure.png

Missions and Deployments

The Irish Tank Division has been in action since day one of its' conception. Within the paperwork received that the division had been created were the orders to deploy to Jharkhand, India to help our ally in its' war against Serbian aggression. This was a very successful deployment and test of the ITDs capabilities.

Next members of the ITD were sent to Australia to help defend against the Indonesian threat. The battle in Western Australia did eventually return the region to Australia and the brave soldiers of the ITD and Ireland put up a good showing.

Following the Australian Deployment the ITD was immediately sent to South Africa and helped in operations against Brazil. Four battles in the regions of Northern Cape, Mpumalanga and Gauteng kept the ITD busy. Once again the ITD proved itself.

In the meantime reserve members of the ITD have fought in defense of our ally Croatia against numerous attacks by Hungary, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as offensive operations in the same theater.

The first week of May 2010 ITD members were sent to Ontario, Canada in order to aid our Brolliance ally in offensive operations in her war with France.

ITD members were also sent to aid Greece in battles in her ongoing war with Turkey in the second week of May 2010.

On May 19, 2010, IDF soldiers were deployed to the USA to aid in the war with Serbia. ITD units were included in this deployment.

On June 9, 2010, Russia attacked the US state of Alaska. The US/Irish alliance through treaty allowed Irish Defense Forces to come to the aid of the US. Major General Anthony Colby fired the first shot in the war.

Following the invasion of Ireland by the UK after the great land swap which resulted in Ireland gaining the regions of North Dakota and Connecticut and the occupation of Dublin the IDF and people of Ireland fought a valiant resistance war which resulted in the liberation of the region of Dublin from the UK. With no MPPs in play the nation of Ireland took on the UK and six allies and still emerged victorious.

Military Campaigns of the Irish Tank Division

The following are the military campaigns in which the ITD has participated since it's inception on the 14th of April, 2010 either through official alliances like Brolliance or through troop deployment.

April 2010
South African Independence Campaign Icon-South Africa.png 4 Battles
Croatian Defence Against Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina Icon-Croatia.png Multiple Battles
Norwegian Defence Against Phoenix (Operation Valhalla) Icon-Norway.png 4 Battles
Indian Campaign (Deployment to India versus Serbia) Icon-India.png 5 Battles
Australian Campaign (Australian wars versus Indonesia, Argentina and Brazil) Icon-Australia.png 1 Battle
May 2010
Canadian Offensive against France Icon-Canada.png 3 Battles
Middle Eastern War (Greek Offensive on Turkey) Icon-Greece.png 2 Battles 89 Battles in entire war. Unit only joined recently.
US war with Serbia. Icon-USA.png
US war with Russia. Icon-USA.png
Irish war with Poland. Icon-Poland.png Landswap with Poland, USA and Canada.
United Kingdom attack on Ireland. Icon-UK.png

Medals Earned by Irish Tank Division Members

Unit Commendation

Awards won by the unit for meritorious service above and beyond the call of duty. Awards include battle damage, deployment percentage and deployment length.

Training Ribbons

Ribbon - Irish Tank Division - Sol War Games.jpg War Games with Sol Alliance

Campaign Medals

These are medals earned during the various campaigns in which the ITD has participated. All soldiers who have taken part in a campaign can wear the Campaign medal or ribbon. Medals are awarded for deployment and combat situations while ribbons are awarded for training exercises.

IDF Norwegian Campaign Medal.jpg - Norwegian Campaign Medal (April 2010)- Defense of Norway against Phoenix

IDF Indian Campaign Medal.jpg - Indian Campaign Medal (April 2010)

IDF Australian Campaign Medal.jpg - Australian Campaign Medal (April 2010)

IDF South African Campaign Medal.jpg - South African Campaign Medal (April 2010)

IDF Croatian Campaign Medal.jpg - Croatian Campaign Medal (April 2010)-Also known as the Defense of Croatia Medal

IDF Canadian Campaign Medal.jpg - Canadian Campaign Medal (May 2010)

IDF Australian Campaign Medal.jpg - USA Campaign Medal (May 2010)- War against Serbia

IDF Russian Campaign Medal.jpg - War between USA and Russia Medal (June 2010)

IDF Dublin Liberation Medal.jpg - Liberation of Dublin (August 2010)

Individual Soldier Medals

In Battle 10540, the Battle for Andhra Pradesh, Brigadier General MoonBeam was awarded the Medal of Honor. ITD - Medal of Honor.jpg

ITD Piranha with 105mm Tank Gun

Rank Structure In The Irish Tank Division

To unify the division and simplify the command structure due to a difference in ranks the Irish Tank Division uses a uniform rank structure within the division. The Irish Tank Division being a division sized military unit is commanded by a Major General while the two brigades that make up the division are commanded by Brigadier Generals. All remaining members of the division are commissioned with the rank of Captain which is the equivalent of Lieutenant in the Irish Air Defense Forces.

Ranks and Insignia of the Irish Tank Division

Military Branch OR-0 OR-1 OR-2 OR-3 OR-4 OR-5 W-1 OF-1 OF-2 OF-3 OF-4 OF-5 OF-6 OF-7 OF-8 OF-9 OF-10 OF-11
The Irish Tank Division
Irish Tank Division.png
Irish Tank Division
Insignia - Irish Tank Division - Captain.png
Insignia - Irish Tank Division - Brigadier General.png
Brigadier General
Insignia - Irish Tank Division - Major General.png
Major General

Transport Corps

The Transport Corps was responsible for the procurement, management and maintenance of all soft skinned vehicles, and the maintenance of all armoured vehicles within the Defense Forces. It was also responsible for the driver training, testing, certification, maintenance of driving standards and provision of vehicle fuels, oils and lubricants. The Transport Corps provides heavy lift capability for the Irish Tank Division.

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