Is Fearrde Thu Guinness

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Is Fearrde Thu Guinness

General Information
Country Flag-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia
Owner Chris Stanwick
Founded May 2009
Subscribers 16 (Day 643)
Articles 6
Content Miscellaneous

Is Fearrde Thu Guinness was established in mid-May 2009 as the company newsletter for Stanwick Holdings. Very few articles were published in its existence. Before its move to Ireland in early August 2009, the only two articles dealt with the collapse of ATLANTIS and the re-election campaign of scrabman in June. On 21 September 2009, the paper was given a new focus upon the purchase of a diamond company by Stanwick Holdings.


  1. Perhatian Karyawan/Attention Employees - 14 votes
  2. Testaus Argumentti - 9 votes
  3. It's Raffle Time! - 4 votes
  4. The Day is Swift Approaching - 14 comments
  5. Who Should Be Our Allies? - 20 votes
  6. Term Limitations? - 17 votes