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General Information
Country Flag-New Zealand.jpg New Zealand
Abbreviation JAP
Colors Red and Black
Founded June 2014
Dissolved August 2015
Congress Occupancy 0 /27 seats, 0%
Succeeds People's Political Party
Succeeded By Dissolved
Orientation Far-Right
Ideology Authoritarian

The JW AGAT PARTY (June 2014 - August 2015) was a political party formerly active in New Zealand. Throughout its history it was linked with the multinational military unit JW AGAT and with one key figure, Oliver Q. The party was a top-five but did manage to elect Oliver Q President. It dissolved and merged into the Peace 'n' Prosperity Party.


The party was founded in June 2014 when Moon King, formerly the PP of the Maori Party, had decided to launch a new party with the support of recently arrived Polish citizens Oliver Q and TomRidel.

The latter pair were the real power in the party and had been at the heart of founding the new party. Their goal, along with Moon King, was to launch a new party, replacing the old People's Political Party with a new one dedicated to aiding NZ but more importantly for serving as the political vehicle for his newly founded military unit JW AGAT.

Early Period

With Moon King as first PP, helping to transition the party, they agreed to stand him for Country President. He came a distant third against the winner, Arillia of the Peace 'n' Prosperity Party (PnPP). This first electoral test proved to be a weak one.

Oliver Q Era

In the August PP election, Oliver challenged Tom and the resulting vote saw him win 2-0. With his leadership now secure but unable to run Congressional candidates he opted to present himself for the September CP elections. He came a distant 3rd, behind the winner M1TRO of the PnPP and Destroyer91 of the Black Party of New Zealand (BPNZ). His showing was considered strong for a low party and in the PP race, he was returned unopposed. In the October Congressional elections, the party was outside the top-five and did not run and did not endorse anyone in the Presidential elections as well. He was duly re-elected as the PP in October and November CP elections, he was the only opposition candidate, winning 6.67% of the vote, compared to the winner Koska de STRAH of the UIS (this also began the 120-day rule of the UIS and Koska). Oliver had noted this point in his campaign speech and did win recognition for his manifesto and commitment in working with the new government.

After returning unopposed as PP in November, Oliver sought to stand again in the December CP race. However, while Koska won again, Oliver fell to third with 7.94% after the PnPP ran a candidate and captured 15% of the vote. In January the party refused to run a candidate or endorse anyone. Oliver's hold on PP continued to be unopposed and the party remained effectively his personal vehicle. In the February CP elections, he stood again but came a distant 4th winning 3.64% behind Nikola of the BPNZ (9.09%), Sor3naa of the PnPP (16.36%) and winner Koska (70.91%).

In march little changed for Oliver, who although now actively engaged with the Cabinet and respected by the UIS and Socialist Party of New Zealand still commanded limited support and remained outside the top-five parties. In the elections came 5th winning 5%, a weak result compared to previous showings. April began with promise as the PnPP, Maori Party and Oliver agreed to support a common candidate KrMa after the Socialists fallout with the UIS and the strong campaign by Nikola of the BPNZ. This presented a golden opportunity to end the UIS hold but Oliver eventually pulled out of the agreement and ran, winning support from Socialists who wanted to issue a protest vote. He came fourth winning 16.13% of the vote compared with 46.77% by the UIS candidate.


After the collapse of the "Democracy Alliance" in April, Oliver while still on good terms with the UIS and Socialists found the party isolated by the PnPP and Maori. This kept it outside the top-five and with the Socialists returning to back the UIS, it weakened any support he held. In the May elections, he came a distant 3rd with 5% of the vote to 25% for the BPNZ and 70% for Crusadercarl who was unofficially backed by Maori, UIS, Socialist and PnPP.

The remainder of May saw again limited internal party opposition to Oliver and his continued isolation from the other parties. In the June CP elections he came 5th winning 8.06% of the vote compared 38.71% for the UIS, other parties ran candidates as well but his influence was minimal. This left many to question if Oliver and his JW AGAT venture had failed due to its limited reach and poor election results.

Finally in July, after being returned as PP in June, he took the step of supporting the UIS candidate Bojan933. This was meant to bring the party in from the isolation and allow it to serve the government. He also made the strategic choice to support the NZ dictatorship, mostly as a means to keep stability in the small Island nation.

Oliver Q & Presidency

A major change came in July with two key events. The first was the return of Oboacer to the PnPP, which saw a major realignment take place as the party membership and activity grew, with more and more people joining it. He reached out to Oliver Q and offered support in the coming Presidential contest, with a condition being the eventual merger of the JW AGAT PARTY into the PnPP. For Oliver, the offer was too sweet and he agreed.

Secondly, the UIS also recognized the growing changes, as a newly active PnPP meant that the public was restless. Oliver, seemed to represent a return to activity and the party decided to support him. They agreed to back his candidacy, the first time a minor party had secured the joined support of two major parties. In the subsequent election, he was elected President with 36 votes and 72% of the overall vote.


Only one day after his election Oliver followed through with his commitment and resigned from the party and joined the PnPP. This not only allowed him to be part of one of the big-three parties but it also ensured that he had a strong support base for his new administration.

TomRidel took over as PP of the party and, only a day later, followed Oliver by joining the PnPP and thereby effectively dissolving the JW AGAT PARTY.

Party Presidents

Month Party President Notes
June 2014 Moon King Founding PP
July 2014 TomRidel Co-Founder of JW AGAT MU with Oliver Q
August 2014 - August 2015 Oliver Q Co-Founder of JW AGAT MU, 12x PP
August 2015 TomRidel PP after Oliver resigned, dissolved party