Kiwi People's Party

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Kiwi People's Party

Party-Kiwi People's Party.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-New Zealand.jpg New Zealand
Abbreviation KPP
Forum Party forum
Colors red, white and black
Founded October 2010
Dissolved January 2011
Congress Occupancy 0 /27 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Taranaki Tribe
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian

Kiwi People's Party, abbr. KPP, (October 2010-January 2011) was a political party formally active in New Zealand politics. It was marginally successful but became the first party PTO in the nation’s history. It was dissolved in January following the return of Gillighan McGill.


The Kiwi People's Party (KPP) was founded in October 2010 to coincide with the official creation of NZ in the New World. In the October 15th Party elections, MachtGeil was elected leader by defeating Pineapple64. The KPP supported the Provisional Government but was generally a silent observer to the government. In the October 25th Parliamentary elections, the KPP won 2 of 40 seats (reaktionaer and Reculla).

In the November 5th Presidential elections, the KPP threw its support behind Calbe, who was duly elected with over 80% of the vote. In the subsequent Cabinet, it placed reaktionaer as “High Commissioner” and Daniel Dodge as “Minister of Internal Affairs”.

Reculla Era

In the November 15th PP elections, in one of the tightest votes, Reculla defeated Daniel Dodge and Pineapple64 to become PP. He was a little known player and was widely suspected to be a Romanian with ties to multi-accounts.

In the November 25th Parliamentary elections, the KPP won 4 of 40 seats, with Pineapple64, Reculla, piximan and gabrielle all winning seats. However, the party quickly began to witness decreases as its more committed members left for other parties, this led to its slow decline and its removal as a top-five party. Reculla remained aloof from this. In the December 5th Presidential elections, the KPP failed to endorse any candidate.

The December 15th Party elections featured veteran KPP member Pineapple64 challenging Reculla for PP. However, Reculla managed to retain the Presidency with over 83% support, largely because the membership had collapsed and suspected use of multi-accounts.


After once again failing to endorse anyone in the January 5th Presidential election, things changed when the admins “banned” Reculla for multi-accounts. This opened up the Presidency of the KPP. In the subsequent election, Gillighan McGill was elected PP. One of his first actions was to rebuild the shattered membership and dissolve the KPP into a new party the Taranaki Tribe.

Party Presidents

Month Party President Notes
October 2010 MachtGeil Party Founder
November and December 2010 Reculla Served 2x as PP of KPP. Banned for the use of multi-accounts
January 2011 Gillighan McGill Dissolved Party

Official Forum

The party had a forum administrated by MachtGeil: KPP Forums

The logo of the Party is very simple and it is built out of two things:

  • The outline of the picture of the avian animal Kiwi
  • Metallic design of the sentence: "Kiwi People's Party".

Party-Kiwi People's Party v2.jpg