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Lewdaism is a religion that was founded by Desertfalcon after the life, death, and resurrection of the Messiah, whose name is Lewis. This belief has now spread to include all those named Lewis in one regard or another, but is centred around the enigmatic and mysterious man known only as Lewis.

Lewis sitting on his proper throne. No one is sure what the V stands for, although some have conjectured it might mean "Vendetta"

Beginnings of Lewis

The origins of the mysterious entity known as Lewis have been difficult to document, given the assumed humble beginnings of the soon-to-be savior. In fact, the first records we have of Lewis account that he was already working for the Central Intelligence Agency. During his life, Lewis made several things clear; to be outlined in the "Teachings of Lewis" section, while he was running for public office; first for President, and then, after his resurrection, congressman and Party President. After several months of life, Lewis mysteriously died. Those who were close to him (another way to say "disciples") were devastated and confused. However, on the third day of his mysterious death, Lewis sprang back to life, first appearing to a few of those who knew him by commenting on a small newspaper. Soon, the whole world knew that Lewis had been resurrected from the dead, leading many to believe that he was the Risen Messiah of eRepublik.

The birth of Lewisism (which soon evolved into Lewdaism) sprang forth from those who listened to the words and teachings of Lewis. Lewis never claimed to be the Messiah, but his followers began to believe more and more, by the cryptic messages he would speak, which have now been lost to all but an oral retelling. Lewis had a wit and charm about him that was unrivaled in the known world, and this drew many followers to him. When he died, his disciples were at a loss, as the majority of Lewis's teachings disappeared with him. However, after Lewis's resurrection, several devout followers (High Priest Desertfalcon, the Apostle Emerick, and the Holy Prophet Geno Garon) set to the task of chronicling the life of Lewis, so that it would never be lost again.

Continued Works of Lewis

After his resurrection, Lewis began a monthly joining of powerful people, and invited many leaders in the United States of America. Many of his followers believe this to be the formation of his church, to gather the leaders of the largest nation in the world together to begin his ministry to the world. Followers of Lewdaism have also begun writing works that portray the full works and views of Lewis. The Book of Lewis was in progress by High Priest Desertfalcon until he left the position to pursue a political career. Emerick is said to be writing the biography of Lewis, but it is unknown when either book will be completed. At the time of this edit; Geno Garon has stepped up and proclaimed himself the new Holy Prophet of Lewdaism.

After the Messiah ascended to the Greater Place, telling His followers to remain and not to mourn him, it was reported that someone was charading around, pretending to be the Messiah. The Holy Prophet Geno Garon is investigating these allegations, and shall punish any fraudulent "Anti-Lewis" with divine might.

Teachings of Lewis

The major tenets of Lewdaism are as follows:

  1. Lewis is the risen savior.
  2. Lewis has given us examples on how to live.
  3. We must follow the example of Lewis:
    1. We must always jump to conclusions when we do not have enough information.
    2. We must call "Idiot" those who do not agree with us.
    3. When threatened, we must state that the nation's highest authorities will apprehend those that threaten us.
    4. We must always erase those things which we find harm us. If we cannot, we demand of those who wrote them that they are erased.

Texts of Lewis

The Booklette Thrice

Lewis once generously indirectly donated the church .03 gold. Lewdaism was organized by a group of 3 men. Lewis lived as the Messiah with us for 3 days. Lewis died, and rose again 3 days later. Lewis had an age of 3 months when he died. Lewis ran for President 3 months ahead of time. The first person Lewis chose for his VP running mate's name was four groups of 3 letters. This VP had 24 days of experience, or 8 x 3. Lewis was once in the CIA, which has 3 letters. Lewis had 3 eras in his life. Before death, death, and after death. Lewis has aspirations to be President, which has 3 groups of 3 letters. This is obviously a perfect profession for him. Lewis was to hold a conference on 12/6 or 3 x 4 / 3 x 2

It is for these reasons that all praise to the Messiah shall be done in threes. Such as: "Hail Lewis! Hail Lewis! Hail Lewis!

The Book of Lewis

More tenets Lewdaism are being derived from the works and life of Lewis. Here is a quick overview giving a summary of what each gospel in the Book of Lewis is about:

  • I- The Prophecy of the Messiah
  • II- The Messiah receives superpowers while inside his mother's womb
  • III- The Birth of the Messiah
  • IV- The Dropping on the head of Messiah
  • V- The Messiah realizes he is special
  • VI- The Messiah's first day of special school
  • VII- The Messiah jumps on top of a table and screams " Yes, we can use pointy things! "
  • VIII- The Messiah assembles his disciples, and gives them jobs to spread the good news to different parts of the United States
  • IX- The Messiah gets angry, fires everyone, then announces that he quits the game
  • X- The Messiah returns two days after he quits.
  • XI- Emerick gets hit by a bus and loses the game (you just lost too)
  • XII- The Messiah begins gathering unto him the world's leaders
  • XIII- The Messiah's road to the Presidency of the World

Importance of Lewis

Michigan has been cited as the first state to recognize Lewdaism, and went one step further to proclaim Lewdaism its own state religion.

  "I officially declare Lewdaism the official religion of the state of Michigan" 
(ChrisDF0, Congressman of Michigan [1])

Lewdaism has seen a lot of attention, both positive and negative, from a large group of eRepublik's most notable movers and shakers, including Benn Dover, Leviathann, Billy Bob Joe, PrincessMedyPi, NoneSuch, Justinious_McWalburgson_III, William Shafer, Joeph Cole, Horice P Fossil, Vilarus, and many more. One of the main conduits for the worship of Lewis is the Church of Lewdaism, where many of the previously mentioned men and women have pledged their support for Lewdaism.

Lewdaism has roots in the United States of America, where Lewis is believed to have been born, and where most of Lewis's teachings were first received by his disciples. Though Lewdaism has seen small pockets of believers in such places as the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Japan, the bulk of Lewdaite worshipers remains in the US. It is estimated that anywhere from 50 to 100 individuals have a saving knowledge of Lewis and His teachings, while many more have some knowledge, but have yet to receive the full revelation.