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Geno Garon

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Nationality Flag-Japan.jpg Japanese
Date of birth September 21st, 2008
Date of death 2010
Residence Hokkaido
Sex Male
Newspaper The Orange News
Vice president of Japan
October 6th, 2009 – N/A
Congress member of Japan
Party president of Orange Party
February 16th 2009 – August 15th 2009
Preceded by Emerick
Minister of Defense of Japan
March 7th 2009 – August 5th 2009
Preceded by InfernoSD
Succeeded by KITA Ikki
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel.png Lt Colonel
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Geno Garon was a citizen who lived in the USA, moved to South Korea and than in Japan.

He was an active member of the community; while in the USA he was a persistent worker for Emerick Holding's Put My Wood in Your Company, a Captain for the United States Army, and co-president of the The Orange News news media platform.

After spending his first few months in the USA, Geno moved to Japan to escape the over-the-top serious attitude that pervades the USA. He found his place in the Land of the Rising Sun, running a successful political party and Japan's army, the Japanese Imperial Army. He was constantly on the forums and in the chatroom, and was a prized member of President Kokawa's cabinet.

Geno Garon also spend some time in South Africa to help the local community to build themselves up.

Geno Garon: Somewhat Unabridged

A Modest Beginning

Geno Garon started as a quiet but observant citizen in the late Beta days of eRepublik. He had settled into his home state of New Jersey, and soon, because of the generous donation of a friend, was quietly boasting " with +1 house!" in his profile. Being completely new to the land, Geno joined the majority party at the time, the United States Workers Party, in hopes of gaining insight into the political world.

After about three weeks, Geno determined that the USWP was far too large and cumbersome of a party for his tastes, and, considering the advice and council of his new friend Isac Newston, joined the Libertarian Party, where he remained until he left the USA. Life was quite simple back in those days, but Geno still heard whispers about imminent changes on the horizon. With his close friend and brother Nascent, he formed a new media platform known as newspaper Propaganda Now! to push the envelope and go where no media had gone before; into the audio and visual realms. The newspaper was up and running just in time to report on the impending changes and possible disaster of these new changes. It was hardly a month after he arrived on eRepublik's digital soil before the whirlwind known as V1 descended upon the lands, and Geno was swept up into the storm...

Geno Garon in his Christmas best. FESTIVE!

The Journey Begins in Earnest

When Geno awoke, the lands were more or less exactly like they had been, but things had shifted around a bit. Though he was fascinated and intent on learning all there was to know about this "newer" new world, he needed to provide for himself, and during the storm, he had lost track of his house, and the rest of his material possessions. Worse still, his wallet was empty (though truth be told, it was like that before the storm anyway).

Geno hired himself out to one of the many new farming companies that were popping up, learning how to till the land of its resources, before finally landing at Irken Holding's Consume Inc., where he continued to be the most skilled diamond miner in the company until Geno left. Though the pay was very good in the beginning because of the strong market desire for diamonds, Geno knew this boon would not last forever, and set to continuing Newspaper Propaganda Now! in order to build its popularity and influence. It is his hope that one day, Newspaper Propaganda Now! will be a multi-national, multi-lingual, multi-hyphen news platform that the entirety of eRepublik desires to view every time a new issue is released.

Until he left the USA, Geno worked at Emerick Holding's "Put My Wood in Your Company" Quality 1 Wood Company, where he was the highest skill worker.

Call of a Soldier

There comes a time in every young man's life where he becomes restless. Geno Garon was no exception. The constant working and training were certainly enough to keep his attention, but he wanted more. It was not long after these wander-lust indulgences started to take hold than Geno heard about the US Army from one of their many promotional articles. Driven wild by the thoughts of battle and glory, Geno happily marched down to the nearest recruitment center where he met his new Squad Leader, qn20. Enrollment and orientation went swiftly, and soon Geno was a full-fledged Private in the US Army. Not long after that, qn20 decided to retire his position, and handed the position of Squad Leader down to Geno, having seen his particular talents in diplomacy, wordcraft, and his constant activity. After a flurry of events that are still uncertain in the eyes of the world, Geno was officially promoted to Squad Leader by General of the Army Moishe. Soon, the Squads were renamed Platoons to keep up with the growing size of the Army, leading to Geno's title switching to Platoon Leader. After several weeks of dedicated work and constant communication (and with the creation of the Companies between Divisions and Platoons), Geno was promoted by General William Shafer to Captain of Charlie Company.

After serving for several weeks as Captain, Geno was up late one night when suddenly a call went out over the chatroom from President Dover himself, asking for Gold donations to go to several America tanks fighting for Switzerland's freedom in the French-speaking region held by France. Geno not only donated gold, but invested almost all of his remaining assets in order to move to the region and fight, doing over 80 damage. Geno was wounded during the attack on the administrative reason and lost his weapon, but kept fighting, using his fists to knock out several enemy soldiers. Just as the last shots were ringing out and the region was about to be secured, Indonesian tanks appeared on the horizon, moving to attack. It is possible that, were it not for Captain Geno's selfless sacrifice and timely support, Indonesian reinforcements may have invaded the region, stalling or even thwarting American and Swiss freedom fighters.

Having had enough of the seriousness and no-fun attitude of the United States, Geno stepped down from Captain and turned the position over to Lothair, his 1st Sergeant.


Public Strength

Now, if there is one thing that Geno loves more than anything else, it's a public discussion. The transference of ideas and the culmination of logical procedures has always fascinated Geno (being that he is by nature a scientist). After having spent a few months examining, reading, learning, and cultivating his opinions and stances, Geno Garon formally announced his intentions to run for United States Congress. At the behest of his Party president Time, Geno moved to Washington state in the month of November, a land overflowing with grain, to start his political career. His first race against USWP veteran Jordan Miller ended in defeat but did not stifle his desire for a political presence. After the first major battles in the USA-French war, Geno moved from his station in Florida to Arkansas, to pursue another congressional seat. He was running against USWP member Lothair in December 2009. However, during the hubbub and rush of Christmas, he forgot to put himself on the ballot, and so never ended up actually running. Here's hoping that third time's a charm, eh?

The Next Chapter: Japan

After spending his first fours months in the USA, Geno decided to follow the lead of his mentor, Emerick and move to Japan to escape the massive amount of FAIL, SRS, and Lack of Win. There, he was joined by USA chatroom regular Glados, who promptly indoctrinated Geno with all the latest PEACE GC propaganda.

After spending a few weeks in Japan, Geno ran unopposed for Party President, and, surprisingly, won

While President of the Orange Party, Geno was contacted by then-President of Japan Akki. Because of Geno's military background, he was asked to become the new Minister of Defense of Japan. Geno accepted graciously and began work to reinstate the Imperial Army that, for one reason or another, had fallen into decay. After several weeks of organizing troops, civil war erupted in a South Korean province of Japan, and the Imperial Army helped to quell the insurrection quickly, proving their usefulness.

In May and June of 2009, the Japanese Imperial Army was called upon to complete two separate tasks; defend Germany from the imperialist attacks of the larger countries Poland and Sweden, and complete an agreed country merger between Japan and her neighbor South Korea. Though they fought valiantly, the power of Romanian tanks ended up overwhelming Germany, and Japanese troop transports and helicopters were able to ferry German fighters and civilians to Japan for refuge. The merger with South Korea, however, executed very well, and the two countries are now enjoying a very healthy partnership. The JIA continues to refine itself, creating a new structure and lobbying the Japanese government for steady financial aide, all under the watchful eye of Geno Garon, Secretary of Defense.

Political Stances


  1. Fun for players (This is the MOST important, for obvious reasons)
  2. Well-being of the nation (healthy treasury, strong army, high patriotism)
  3. Strong national economy (wealthy players, strong businesses, good internal trade)
  4. Strong foreign relations (good alliances, un-agitated enemies)
  5. Good precedence (putting forth a good example for later administrations)

Aside from #1, these priorities can and do float in priority where the needs arise.


  • Pro-Pie (Cake is oftentimes just fluff, we need a desert of SUBSTANCE. This may be my most contested stance, so allow me to clarify. This stance, as well as all that follow it, is not absolute but is a generalization. I'm generally going to pick Pie over Cake, but if the pie is over a month old and the cake is filled with jams and covered with caramel icing, I'm going for the cake... it's all about "on average"...)
  • Pro-Cookies (On the other hand, brownies are oftentimes JUST TOO HEAVY... especially when they have nuts... and we need some balance here...)
  • Anti-Taxes (Strong taxes harm the people directly, but a strong people lead to a strong government)
  • Anti-Minimum Wage (Unfortunately, what people don't seem to realize is that, if employers have to PAY their employees more, they just add it on to the top of the products they sell. It only hurts the consumer, and the worst-hurt consumer is the one with the least money; the new player)
  • Pro-Army (Every country needs a strong, unified, effective army, no buts about it)
  • Anti-government programs (With a few exceptions, government programs end up being wastes of time and money, not NONE, but few)
  • Pro-Capitalism (Businesses that are given the ability to prosper freely will, those that are chained do not)
  • Anti-Imperialism (Because every region started sovereign, and no one should rule with hostility over others. I'm looking at you, Indonesia... and you Romania... then again, if you're the USA, and you're asking for it, saying "BRING IT ON!", if you get conquered, it's your own damned fault.)
  • Anti-Import (Cause no matter how cheap it is outside, it always costs more on the inside in the end. This is one instance where I would support a very high, prohibitive tax. If a country has a resource, imports should be strongly opposed.)
  • Pro-Newbie (We NEED these people to keep our markets running and growing, so let's help them... but not with government programs)
  • Anti-"Seniority" (Sorry, but if you've been playing in eRepublik for twelve or more months, great. It's good that you have that experience, but it is of limited use, and if I have to hear one more "you don't know what you're talking about because I've been x y or z since before you were born," I'm gonna start murdering kittens. I have offended people with this one, but I stand by it)
  • Pro-Humor (Because it's the best medicine, doncha know...)
  • Anti-Stupid (Hey, somebody needs to hold everyone to higher intellectual standards. This also applies to so-called "Goons" or "Turkish/" behavior. I'm sorry, but baseless name-calling and offensive-lulz-farming is a big no-no in my book. If you don't do these things, then I wasn't talking about you.)
  • Pro-War (If I'm Pro-Army, then I might as well be Pro-War. Also called RAWR in the USA chatroom, this important function of international influence can help keep a country's interests safe from its enemies)
  • Pro-Hyphen (If you haven't figured out by now, the hyphen is the most superior non-alphanumeric symbol, allowing the fusion of ANY two ideas to create a new one within the confines of grammar. It is BRILLIANCE in line form)


Things Said By and About GenoGaron

Feel free to add things if you find them, and documentation is not necessary. --- Just trying to get by...

 <GenoGaron>: Like a beaten woman crawls back to the alcoholic husband, so to Emerick I am... 
(Geno Garon [1])
 [21:25] <Geno_Garon> AgentChieftain, you are now my BFF
 [21:25] <Geno_Garon> you may be in PEACE, and so my enemy
 [21:25] <Geno_Garon> and you may be a Dioist, and by all rights a heretic of Lewisism
 [21:26] <Geno_Garon> but you are, and will always be, my Best Friend Forever
(Geno Garon [2] )

 <M-Ursu> So now the intelligent discussion in IRC stopped as we all listen to Geno talk about his hair. xD 
(M-Ursu [3] )
  Geno cannot into President 
(Quote from Geno Garon profile and articles, now traditional saying in Japan)