List of governments of Saudi Arabia/2012

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President-elect selects and chooses people for each role in their own cabinet. The size of the cabinet and positions in the cabinet varied during the time and from president to president.


No information is available.


Office Position Position held by
Office of the President President Venrick von Lucia
Vice President Daniel Quayle
Ministry of Economy Co-Ministers of Economy otyat, killer of worlds
Ministry of Defence CoAS/MUC aramco
MI Nekor75
Ministry of Legislative Affairs Minister of Legislative Affairs hazem95
Deputy Minister Ahmed Ahmed 2
Ministry of Home Affairs Minister of Home Affairs Daniel Quayle
Deputy Minister Just D0 1t
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Minister of Foreign Affairs Daniel Quayle
Deputy Ministers killer of worlds, Molinos Arabes
Ambassador Program Leader Just D0 1t, Molinos Arabes
Ministry of Social Development Co-Ministers of Social Development Allanon6666, killer of worlds, Venrick von Lucia
Deputy Ministers mllahi, Gazal KSA, EL MASRY
/ Grand Mufti abdullah australi
/ Advisors wars 7, abdullah australi, Varlosh, I-G-D, Ahmed AE
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