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Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen

Nationality Flag-Peru.jpg Peruvian
Date of birth 27 May 2009 - Day 554
Date of death 10 Nov 2009 - Day 720
Residence Western Siberia
Sex Male
Political party The Cossacks
President of Russia
September 2009 – October 2009
Preceded by parter
Succeeded by sasha237
Commander of Russian Foreign Legion
576 – 644
Succeeded by KAshile
Vice president of Russia
640 – 653
Succeeded by Smirnoff
Minister of Defence of Russia
647 – 653
Preceded by Ezh1gvtymane
Succeeded by 4epT
Sotnik of Russian Foreign Legion
657 – 710
Succeeded by Nemaja I Ser
Military rank Icon rank Commander***.png Commander***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

MoredanKantose was a Russian patriot and founder of The Cossacks, former Commander of the Russian Foreign Legion ("IV Platoon"), Ambassador of Spain, Russian Defense Minister as well Vice-president and in October 2009 became President of Russia. His newspaper was Diary of an Ataman later renamed to Por el Peru.


This is in fact auto-biography written by MoredanKantose itself although some of the information can be found in his newspaper.

The beginning

Day 554: Born at North Caucasus (Russia at that time).

Day 556: Abandons occupied North Caucasus after it is invaded by the Hungarians and establishes in Central Hungary

Day 560: After being able to resign and buy a ticket, abandons Hungary and establishes in Kaliningrad (Russia)

Day 561: Presents himself to the President Tihinen for fighting. Is sent to Ministry of Defence, which sends him to the Foreign Legion Commander... who ignores his messages.

Day 570: Starts a thread about creating an English-speaking eRussian patriotic party, where the main lines of the future Cossacks are set.

Building a Party, rebuilding a Legion

Day 573: Publishes the Cossack Manifesto, which constitutes the beginning of The Cossacks.

Day 574: Realizes that it is very hard for an English-speaker to register in the Foreign Legion in the Russian-speaking Army Forum. Expresses his discontempt about not being able to serve his Motherland.

Day 575: Asks from the Minister of Defense Mr. KyMarik for a chance to establish a Cossack Unit in an English-friendly forum. The answer of Minister KyMarik is to offer him the de facto vacant position of Commander. Negotiates the location of the headquarters and the chance to establish a cossack unit within.

Day 576: Is named Commander of the Foreign Legion. With no soldiers. He has to collect the old and get new ones.

Day 580: The Cossacks get their own forum.

Day 582: Battle of the Walloon, his baptism of fire, with a horrible performance as Commander. Fights alone making 171 damage, learns "lessons", and reorganizes the Legion.

Day 587: Battle of Raska / East Serbia. The Legion makes 3442 damage with 6 legionnaires and is congratulated by the Ministry.

Day 587: Battle of Raska / East Serbia. The Legion makes 3442 damage with 6 legionnaires and is congratulated by the Ministry.

Day 604: Battle of Alaska. In the conquest of Alaska the Legion made more than 9000 points of damage.

Controversial and sensitive perspective

Day 606: Writes "Dreaming eRussia" (RU | EN), his first well-known article.

Days 605-610: His positions about the war, considering that Russia was being "used" by Hungary and Indonesia, provoke a lot of controversy.

Presidential election

Day 623: After getting guarantee that the Army would get support to train, he back up parter as presidential candidate.

Day 624: parter retires itself as candidate and supports him in the running for the presidential chair. He accepts.

Day 624: Denounces a "pact" between politicians (which was at the end a lie from Martin Blumen and not a real agreement, as further events shown) and gets 11.41% of the votes.

Presidential crisis

Day 627: Successful presidential impeachment against majority voted President My4eHuk. Regardless of this, he supports My4eHuk as legitimate elected President until the end "to respect the will of the people".

Day 629: Start an extensive political program presentation named "Ideas for a Better eRussia".

Day 633: President My4eHuk stole about 1,800 Gold and 98.000 RUB from the Russian Treasury and left with a single "Goodbye" published on the official newspaper from the Russian Reserve. Impeachment against start.

Day 633: Publish the facts about the Presidential crisis and his position in case to be President-in-game: He will respect the will of the people of Russia, who voted My4eHuk as President, and will follow his instructions [1]

Day 634: Impeachment against My4eHuk is rejected by the FRP

Calm between Russia political storm

Day 635: Find what he calls "sweet task" within the Cossack party.

Day 636: Despite the political chaos continues to publish his ideas proposing several improvements to help the Russian state. [2] [3] [4]

Day 637: Russia continues conquering U.S. cities, some of them, like New Jersey, fell with the help of him and his braves legionaries. But regardless of that he had a gentleman warrior attitude toward eAmerican refugees.

President or Vice-president?

Day 639: Aware that Russia needs a real president until the new selections, explain how intends to proceed as President during those 12 days than still remain, if eventually is decided the dismissal of the thief My4eHuk.

Day 640: It is named Vice-president for UncleDed.

Day 640: Start "Diary of an Ataman" as personal newspaper, where all people can read more details about his daily activities.

Day 641: Begins his duties as Vice-president presenting his proposal to improve the welcome message to new citizens. But his initiative on day 643 crashes against bureaucracy and is unsuccessful.

Day 642: Create the first (of many) government-paid position in Russia State.

Dirty political games

Day 643: Congressman Vladimir Yurevitch Gagarin proposes an unexpected and surprising new impeachment against president (and thief) My4eHuk. Impeachment failed. And with that he closed the opportunity to legally outcast the corrupt President Blumen and avoid MoredanKantose take command of the Russian state. Gagarin later confessed that he made the proposal because: Lol everybody knew this impeachment was going to fail.

Day 644: Congress elections. The Cossacks present two candidates; one for Ural region and the other one for Central Black Earth. It was a day full of tension and stayed in cossacks members memory as "The Battle for the Congress".

Day 644: Despite all his efforts, both candidates for Congress were defeated by the brutal mass mobilization carried out by the FRP and Communist party. Both parties won almost all the regions by an overwhelming majority. After that he learn a hard lesson and decides change of strategy: In the next elections we will act as military unit and, at the same time, negotiate with all the important parties so that they let us alone.

Restructuring the whole Russian State

Day 645: Discover that be Minister in the old system meant rather a mere title but not serve the public. As first step fired the Information Minister Tutumba, who really did all exclude informing the population and government.

Day 645: Gets the authorization of the President "de facto" UncleDed to build a State based on paid state officers. Proposes a new model army. Begin to manage different names for new Defense Minister, including his.

Day 646: Start looking a reliable Government Minister.

Day 647: It´s named Defense Minister. As a result, a thorough and complete reorganization begins in the eRussian army.

A vice-president who informs and works hard

Day 648: After consulting -and get 80% "Yes"- with a poll where all people could vote, decide it´s time to run for President in the incoming elections.

Day 649: Show concrete results as Vicepresident.

Day 650: As Defense Minister continues fighting and giving reasons about the benefits of his army model. Explaining the advantages allowing soldiers freedom for selecting the place where they want to work -instead been obligated to work for state companies- leading in a powerful military machine with impenetrable front in wartime.

Day 651: Find obsolete aspects about how it manages and controls public money the eRussian Treasury and decided to inform the e-russian people, because he strongly believes that people have the right to know and be informed about all aspects in the government.

Day 651: Publish in the official Cossack Newspaper his merits, political program and e-life information as official nomination as presidential candidate.

Day 653: After severe interferences in the chain of command by (supposedly retired) President-de-facto UncleDed and well-known citizen Smirnoff (soldier of the 3rd Elite), followed by heavy insults from the last one in the middle of the PEACE war room, MoredanKantose decide to resign. He detail the reasons in an article from his political Diary.

Life after the vice-presidency

Day 655: on presidential elections in September, 358 people voted for his candidacy (13.94%), which can be considered an undoubted success. In previous elections, despite having parter's support to his candidacy, MoredanKantose had only scored 286 votes (72 fewer than this time).

Day 655: announced the establishment of the Cossack Riders - a special mobile electoral unit that follows military discipline and is ready to vote in any region in Russia.

Day 656: swore to support parter as legitimately elected President and to follow his instructions, if, in the case of a succession after impeachment, MoredanKantose would be at the head of the state.

Day 656: as a simple soldier he returned to the Foreign Legion, which he had left for the "big politics".

Day 657: published an article Future of eRussia, which brought together and presented his idealistic views on the future of the erussian state.

Day 658: decided to move the Cossacks headquarters to the Far East to protect the border of Russia.

Military Council. Reform of the Army

Day 660: He entered presidents Army Council and was appointed Commander of the HomeGuard.

Day 661: after Russia lost Rhode Island because of an unclear order, he began the implementation of a thought out chain of command on the Russian army .

Day 662: appointed as ambassador to Russia in Spain.

Day 665: After it became clear that he was the only candidate in the Ataman's elections, he offered the other Russian parties help to protect them from TO. Cossacks helped FRP and CDP, voting for the presidential candidates of these parties, who had previously been lawfully elected on the forum.

Day 667: started the creation of the Macedonian phalanx, another unit in the Russian army for foreign legionnaires.

Day 670: opposed the impeachment of President parter, started by congressmen dissatisfied with a number of failures in the war against the USA and the loss of the Northern region in the war against Norway.

Day 672: Announced his decision to present his candidature for the forthcoming presidential elections.

Day 673: Renounced from the Home Guard, leaving Detech as his successor.

Day 675: Was fired by 4ept from the Ministry of Defense for writing an article, where he sharply criticised the battle orders (or, better say, their absence).

President of Russia

Day 685: Was elected the President of Russia.

Day 686: Eliminated a Ministry of the Undead, making Borison the Deputy of the Ministry of Governance.

Day 688: Expelled Mezzo, Commander of the RKKA, from the Army, for insubordination.

Day 689: Established the new General Staff and the new Ministry of Defense.

Day 692: Made an official protest from the President of Russia to the Government of Indonesia regarding the Western Siberian Region, giving Indonesia a 48 hours ultimatum to begin negotiations about the status of the Western Siberia. Just a few hours after the official protest, Moredan conducted negotiations with representant of Indonesia. Also this day, dismissed Keks-n as the Minister of Information Technologies, and as the Minister of Governance. The main reason was logs presented by Dimitry Chekov, proving that he conspired to misuse state money.

Day 695: After a sharp political crysis, provoked by a group of anonymous officers and congressmen, a president impeachment against MoredanKantose was proposed. The impeachment, however, did not succeed.

Day 696: Reached the agreement with Junta. According to this agreement, Kalimbo was recognized responsible for all military matters until 28th October 00:00. In return, the leader of rebellions agreed to support the civil actions decided by the Government chosen by President MoredanKantose.

Day 698: Decided to pay the salaries of the Government from the presidential account, as Orda, chief of the economic Committee, refused to replenish the presidential account. This decision, however, was subjected to even more sharp criticism from the congressmen.

Day 704: Kalimbo, the leader of Junta, broke the previously reached agreement with the President.

Reunification of Russia

Day 706: Western Siberian region was returned to Russia through negotiations conducted by him.

Day 711: MoredanKantose was impeached by Duma.

The death as a Russian Patriot (Ataman)

Day 716: Announced his decision to resign from the post as Ataman of the Cossacks, leave the party, and virtually “die” as a Russian patriot on the day 720 when he created an organization called Order of the Flame.



Moredan started to build up a new religion called Revelation, but unfortunately never really finished it. The idea was that the religion would use sacred language which some terms are revealed here:

  • Body: "user account".
  • Demiurge: "the hoster or an external site" or "the administrator of an external site".
  • Enchantment: "hack, which allows a hacker to control another's account".
  • Gamma: "eRepublik", "eRep", "the New World", "the eWorld".
  • Gods: "administrators".
  • Golem: "bots", "robots", "multi-account".
  • Most Respected Country: "eRussia" or "Russia".
  • Original Sin: "real life", or "lack of attention to the game, provoked by events in the real life".
  • Prayer: "tickets to the administrators".
  • Sacred language: "Any real-life language, but using the terms described in The Revelation instead of the infidel ones".
  • Sorcery: "hack", also "bug abuse".
  • Soul: "player" but also "character created by a role-playing player".

The end

He moved to India at day 733, where he helped in the successive elections and joined the Azad Hind Fauj and the Indian Army Forcers (IAF). During this time, India consolidated its national security against the MAFIA (TO-er organization of Iran) and recovered many regions from them. He published various controversial articles denouncing the lack of organization and transparency of the rulers of India. After helping a last time against the MAFIA in the elections of 766, he moved to Peru.

Accomplishments as the Vice-president

His deeds as the vice-president in the 14 days he was in charge, included:

  1. The creation of a State Sheet,
  2. The first payments to Ministers,
  3. The creation of a Ministry of Governance,
  4. The substitution of the Ministers of Information, Education and Defence,
  5. The establishment of payments also for the Council Chiefs of the Legislative,
  6. The translation of the Government forums in Kremlin,
  7. The creation of a wiki page for the English-speaking newbie,
  8. The creation of Skype conference "Cabinett", where all Ministers could coordinate.
  9. The creation of the Translation Service
  10. The start of a conversation with the "old" CP-SU about their properties got from the State long ago.

Accomplishments as the Minister of Defence

His deeds as the Minister of Defence performed for 8 days, include:

  1. The elimination of two obsolete sites from the Russian Army and one sub-forum in eKremlin,
  2. New structure for the forums from the Army in the,
  3. The negotiation of a complete model of salaries and battle supports,
  4. The creation of a High Command with 3 workers,
  5. The creation and maintenance of a user group and moderation rights in every subforum (one per unit).
  6. The integration of 3 Elite units, one Special unit, one Regulars and the Pioneers of HabraResponse.

As military actions in this time where register the Battle of California at day 652, which was won with 10 point damage per each RUB, and about 26,000 in total, with the PKKA, 3rd Elite and Foreign Legion in action.

Accomplishments as the President

His deeds as President in the 26 days he was in charge, included:

  1. Reformed the Government, creating organizations for some Ministries, dividing the functions, and improving the network of state officers.
  2. Returned the Western Siberian region and with that, it gets the reunification of all Russian territories. Mean Mother Russia is complete again.