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Permanently banned
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Dead citizen

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Nationality Flag-Turkey.jpg Turkish
Date of birth 10.01.2008 - Day 51
Date of death 2008
Residence Black Sea Coast of Turkey
President of Turkey
Apr 2, 2008 – Jun 1, 2008
Preceded by BattalGazi
Succeeded by selcuk1907
Congress member of Turkey
Feb 2, 2008 – Apr 1, 2008
Mayor of Istanbul
Jan 21, 2008 – Feb 20, 2008
Party president of Vatan ve Hurriyet Cemiyeti
Mar 10, 2008 – Jun 1, 2008
Preceded by BattalGazi
Military rank Icon rank Commander.png Commander
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Nevugila was a citizen of Turkey. Former President of Turkey who was on of the founders of FIST and Ex-editor of Cumhuriyet newspaper. Nevugila was permanently banned from E-Republik before the August 2008 General Elections.

When he was banned, he had 310,000,000 TRY*, ~3,000,000 GRD*, 107,000 UAH* , ~98,000 NIS*, ~2,000 USD and 147 GOLD (on monetary market) in his personal account. Also he had a Q4 weapon, a Q4 housing and a Q3 gift company in Sweden (via SO account).

(*) taken from Turkish treasury before August elections.


from	eRepublik <>
date	31 July 2008 12:12
subject	eRepublik rules infrigement

We are sorry to inform you that the use of multiple accounts
was discovered in your case. 
You didn \'t respect the eRepublik laws.
Therefore this account has been permanently banned.

After the ban, he sent an e-mail to eRepublik team and said this:

"i just want to know my fakes' names(!)."

But eRepublik team said :

We are sorry, but after analysing again your case
by the administrative team,
we have decided that our previous decision stays. 


The eRepublik Team.


from	Moderators (eRepublik) <>
to	"" <>
date	22 July 2008 17:14
subject	Re: Moderators

Hello nevugila,

A few days ago, we have a started an elaborate investigation
in Turkey regarding fake accounts.
In order to clear some suspicions regarding some Citizens,
we have temporarily banned their accounts today
and we have checked them twice.
We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we are glad to
announce you that suspicions regarding you were cleared.

The eRepublik Team.

--------------- wrote: 
 -hello, today i got a temp-ban for 2 hours,
 -can you send me an explanatory email about reason of it ?
 -regards, nevugila


He still thinks that having 300 million TRY and 3 million GRD and donating more than 1000 gold* (*that taken from Turkish Treasury to donate to Turkish troops in Balkan Wars) was the reason to be banned. It didn't matter being innocent nor guilty.

It looks like how Capelli King or Phaedrus Lidox were banned.

Good tips

From nevugila, recommendations to new players :

  • Do not donate other people more than Icon - Gold.gif 1000 GOLD (it doesn't make any difference the source of GOLD).
  • Do not have millions of local currency or other currencies.
  • Do not believe admins when they send you an email that says ." were cleared". It means you will get a ban in a week.
  • Do not print billions of local currency (Do not imitate Mugabe). Otherwise they will certainly find a way to ban you (remember C.K. and P.L.)
Later adding : 
  • Do not buy your monetary market offers. Otherwise they will send you an email that says :
Spit it out!
Why did you buy your offer? If you don't response it in 48 hours, we will find a way to ban you." (it is related with onrche)


Icon achievement Country President on.gif
Country President (x1)
Icon achievement Party President on.gif
Party President* (x3)