Operation Great Justice

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General Information
Country Flag-Pakistan.jpg Pakistan
Founded February 15, 2009
Dissolved May 2009 (est)
Congress Occupancy 0 /20 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Force Of Freedom

Operation Great Justice was in fact a plan of Romanians retaliation when Indonesian forces made the political takeover of Switzerland. As this plan had several stages, this article will try to explain all of them, including the creation of the party with this name.


In the first months of 2009, Pakistan was again renewed by players all over the world, and it started again to play a role in the long-awaited conflict between Romania and Indonesia; letting Indonesia go through Pakistani regions on their way to WSR. As an offshot for dioism, and an alliance for the country, In January 2009, Switzerland was aggressively taken over by the Theocrats and all resistance was in vain. Dio Brando was the main figure on this takeover.


The historical data are not accurate on this question, but it is believed that two main organizers were Victor Petrescu and Billy Bob Joe.

The party

The first stage of the operation starts when Victor Petrescu nominates himself to become Party president of MATZALANDIA PARTY in Pakistan. He wins the elections on February 15th, 3-2 against GLaDOS and he renames the party to Operation Great Justice. On February 25th election, the Party successfully nominated 15 Congressman in Pakistan Congress which was in fact the second stage of the Operation. The third and final stage is the core of the operation and it can be seen in the next section.

The scenario

On 22 February 2009 Pakistan started Pakistan-Indonesia War at the request of its President AgentChieftain of the Stardust Crusaders party. On February 27, 2009, the newly seated Pakistan Congress signed an MPP with Romania and successfully impeached[1] AgentChieftain as requested by Big Brother of the Operation Great Justice party.

Starting February 27, a series of donations[2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11] by Pakistan Congress, sent much of their cash and gold to an organization called United Forces located in Dublin, Ireland. United Forces owned United Arms, a Q4 weapons company in Dublin that had export licenses to Romania and Norway.

On March 5, Han Solo of the Operation Great Justice party, was elected President apparently cementing the hold on PEACE-based Pakistan by Atlantis. Generally, due to its central position in Asia, it used fully its strategical advantages. PEACE was unfortunately too slow to realize the consequences of the PTO. In the Han Solo era, Pakistan's economy was ruined (the process actually started earlier), the Dioism banned, and he even wanted to change the country's name officially to Matzalandia. In the Asian theater of operations, he slowly lost all the regions of the country, and by May, the country was fully occupied by Indonesia and Iran. Before this, Pakistan came to the brink of disappearance a number of times, but Romania always gave over some more regions to the country, so that it could continue blocking Indonesia, Iran and China. in April 2009 Agent Chieftain was elected as president with PEACE help, but the Romanian majority congress impeached[12] him, and Han Solo could continue his rule.

With the disappearance, and the loss of active wars, the importance of the country was annulled, even when it was re-formed at the end of May, with an agreement to Indonesia, in Punjab region.