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Party list is one national list of all Congress candidates for upcoming Congress elections in one specific party. Party lists of the top 5 political parties in the country are the ones represented in the congressional elections and for them, citizens can cast their vote.


Introduced to replace individual nominations for September 2012 Congress elections.

How it works

Every party member who would like to apply for Congress can do so in their party between the 16th and 23rd of each month.

On the 24th each month, the party president can modify the final list

On the 25th the list is locked and citizens can vote if the party is in the top 5 parties in the country.

Where can the party list be seen?

Temporary party list.png

The temporary party list can be seen on the party page, under the Congress section where you need to click Show proposed Congress candidates button. This will lead you to a party list page where you can see all of the party members who nominated themselves. If you check this list between the 16th and 23rd, you will see the list in the order of how nominations were done by each member.

The final party list will be visible on the day of the Congress elections when you go and cast your vote.


:Does the party list have to be approved by the party president?

No. In that case “first come, first served” approach is followed, which means the first person to apply is on the top of the list, the second to apply is second, etc.

:Does every party has a party list, even outside of the top 5 parties in the country?

Yes, every party can have their own party list, even if they are outside of the top 5 parties in the country


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