Stinging Be

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Stinging Be

Stinging Be.jpg

Everything for our Country

General Information
Country Flag-Belgium.jpg Belgium
Total Soldiers 6
Commanded by boer jan

boer jan had founded the Stinging Be to start and fund the Resistance war against the Icon-UK.png UK and liberate Icon-Belgium.png Belgium cause the National Military unit BNA fought on the side of the UK. boer jan was removed from Belgian National Army when he tanked for his country against the MU's and government orders. Unit is funded privately.

Stinging is referring to the small power Belgium has, but the determination of his population, even small it can really hurt if needed,
The Be stands for Belgium and sounds like "bee", therefore the use of a bee as the avatar.


  • Stinging Be has for the moment no restrictions so everybody can join.
  • Every Tuesday there is a supply programmed of food and weapons for those who are active.
  • There is no obligation to wear the MU uniform as an avatar. If wanted boer jan can make it for you.
  • Every new player receives a welcome package, top3 players in the weekly challenge are rewarded, and for every special occasion like war or tournaments, there are extra supplies provided
  • If some soldier has a problem with a Daily Order (for example if he has to fight against his own Country) at the request it can be changed (if possible)


First award received on Day 2.345: MU Decoration Leaderboards Damage Ground 3.png.
This Reward was won with only 3 active members, one of them: bolepleco, took for his part 2/3 of the damage.
Little side-note: Stinging Be past larger military units for this achievement.


Images used by the Military Unit.