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Energy and what influences it

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The Weekly challenge is a competition that resets itself each Tuesday. In this competition you are collecting prestige points and by collecting them you collect different rewards.

The challenge

The weekly challenge table can be seen in the homepage, showing:

  • what is the next reward (top left)
  • current amount of prestige points for your citizen (bottom left)
  • the timer when the challenge will be reset (top right)
  • the reward-line of the next couple of rewards (bottom center/right)

Special occasions

There are times when the challenge has a different name and rewards:

Types of rewards

The types of rewards are:

  • +1 Energy recovery
  • Storage
  • Q5 Moving tickets
  • Damage boosters
  • Energy bars
  • Small bomb
  • Factory Reset Tokens
  • There are also rewards for the top 100 of players with most prestige at the end of the week, see Prestige hunter.


  • If you hover over rewards you will see an explanation what kind of reward is it.
  • The challenges will end each Monday at 23:59:59 eRepublik time and the rewards have to be claimed from the homepage before the deadline.


  • The first Weekly Challenge started on Tuesday, Day 2,163 at 00:00 eRepublik time[1]

Weekly challenges

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