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Energy and what influences it

Recovering energy: FoodHouseWeekly challengePower packPower Pack Booster
Items: Energy barFirst aid kitWinter treatPumpkinCarrotIce creamBonbon
Spending energy: FightDeployGuerrilla fightsTrainWorkMoving ticket
Energy pool: HouseEnergy centerCentral parkSeveral Packs

Weekly challenge.png

The Weekly challenge is a competition that resets itself each Tuesday. In this competition, you are collecting prestige points and by collecting them you collect different rewards and possibly gain a decoration Prestige hunter.

The challenge

The weekly challenge table can be seen on the homepage, showing:

  • what is the next reward (top left)
  • current amount of prestige points for your citizen (bottom left)
  • the timer when the challenge will be reset (top right)
  • the reward-line of the next couple of rewards (bottom center/right)
  • the full list of rewards by clicking on the icon on the top left corner

Special occasions

There are times when the weekly challenge has a different name and rewards:

The full list of special occasions is below.

Types of rewards

The types of rewards are:

  • Energy recovery
  • Storage
  • Q5 Moving tickets
  • Damage boosters
  • Energy bars
  • Small bomb
  • Factory reset tokens
  • There are also rewards for the top 100 players with the most prestige at the end of the week, see Prestige hunter.


  • If you hover over rewards you will see an explanation of what kind of reward is it.
  • The challenges will end each Monday at 23:59:59 eRepublik time and the rewards have to be claimed from the homepage before the deadline.


The first Weekly Challenge started on Tuesday, Day 2,163 at 00:00 eRepublik time (22 October 2013)[1]