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This military unit played an important role in creating military history, however today it is no longer active

Belgian Army

Belgian Army.png

L'Union Fait la Force

General Information
Disbanded 2012 (est)
Country Flag-Belgium.jpg Belgium
Region Brussels
Total Soldiers Classified
Commanded by BAF High Command
Part of Belgian Armed Forces

The Belgian Army was the lone branch of the Belgian Armed Forces. It was re-activated by then Minister of Defence Vulcain on November 19, 2010. Its last known Commanding Officer was General gerbdeblee.


The last known structure as of August 2011:

GEN gerbdeblee
Commander of the Belgian Army
Executive Officer of the Belgian Army
1SGM ThomasRed
Senior Enlisted Advisor
3rd Home Guard Regiment Supply and Logistics Department
Commander: Vacant Director: GEN NLSP
Chasseurs Ardennais Royal Guard 1st Belgian SAS
Commander: LT Jofroi Commander: LT Critically Commander: Vacant



Under active divisions it is considered the last known active units and its structure as of August 2011.

BAF High Command.png
BAF High Command

The Belgian Armed Forces High Command controls the day-to-day operations of the military. It was lead by the Army Commanders and took the most (if not all) decisions in the army.

Chasseurs Ardennais.gif
Chasseurs Ardennais

Founded as Platoon Bravo, the Chasseurs Ardennais was commanded by Lt Jofroi. Members: First Private mittekemuis, First Private wazowzky, First Private xironn, Private Dominique Vermeersch, Private Kabouter-Wesley, Private Boklevski, Private Olv007, Cadet Fhaemita Malodorous.

Royal Guard.jpg
Royal Guard

Original Platoon Charlie, the Royal Guard was commanded by Lieutenant Critically. Members: First Sergeant Major ThomasRed, Corporal pieter557, First Private Monsieur Guillontine, First Private NicknameFromRonny, First Private darkinou, Private Jamster737, Private hollenboer.

1st Belgian SA.png
1st Belgian SAS

This platoon was last addition to the Belgian Army. It was originally called the "Third Platoon". Commander of this platoon was Lieutenant Ward De Bever. Members: First Private Jacob van Artevelde, First Private Ernest Bogdansson, Private Takeshi Kitano, Private Misanthropist, Private Requiem Domine, Cadet Manekemaan.

Supply and Logistics Department.png
Supply and Logistics Department

The Supply and Logistics department manages the Belgian Military's supply and commune systems. The whole job was done by Gen NLSP and 1SGM ThomasRed.


Under defunct divisions it is considered inactive units as of August 2011.

1st Para-Commando Regiment.png
1st Para-Commando Regiment

The 1st Para-Commando Regiment was the Belgian Military's elite regiment, with a minimum requirement of 1,400 strength. It was deactivated on February 26th 2011 and was replaced by the Special Operations Programme.

3rd Home Guard Regiment.png
3rd Home Guard Regiment

The Home Guard was the main bulk of the Belgian Military when the 1st Para-commando regiment was active and became the Army's only active regiment when the Paras were shut down. It was made up of 3 platoons, the Chasseurs Ardennais, the Royal Guard and the 1st Belgian SAS. The Home Guard had a tradition of having the soldiers name their platoons. Candidates without Belgian citizenship and strength less than 1200 were automatically refused.

Special Operations Department.png
Special Operations Department

Directed by former Major Manong Rizal, the Special Operations Department was introduced on February 26th 2011 as a replacement for the defunct 1st Para-commando Regiment. Its purpose was to manage the elite members of the Home Guard and issue separate orders to them if and when the situation demands it.

Ranks, Positions and Insignia

Insignia Insignia - Belgian Army - Cadet.png Insignia - Belgian Army - Private.png Insignia - Belgian Army - 1st Private.png Insignia - Belgian Army - Corporal.png Insignia - Belgian Army - Sergeant.png Insignia - Belgian Army - 1st Sergeant.png Insignia - Belgian Army - 1st Master Sergeant.png Insignia - Belgian Army - 1st Sergeant Major.png Insignia - Belgian Army - Lieutenant.png Insignia - Belgian Army - Captain.png Insignia - Belgian Army - Major.png Insignia - Belgian Army - Colonel.png Insignia - Belgian Army - Lieutenant General.png Insignia - Belgian Army - General.png
Rank Cadet Private 1st Private Corporal Sergeant 1st Sergeant 1st Master Sergeant 1st Sergeant Major Lieutenant Captain Major Colonel Lieutenant General General
Position New Platoon Member Platoon Member Experienced Platoon Member Senior Platoon Member Platoon XO Senior Platoon XO Enlisted Advisor Senior Enlisted Advisor Platoon CO Senior Platoon CO Department Director Regimental CO Army XO Army Commander