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The Group

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General Information
Founded 1 September 2009
Disbanded 2011
Country Flag-Romania.png Romania

On September 1 (day 651 of the New World), a new unit was formed in Romania, called concisely The Group, founded by Kristache, Grinch85, alex201. Although aimed primarily at military damage by maximizing its members, The Group initiated and supported activities to support national interests in all areas possible. The group was funded by its founders and would not appeal to the Romanian state funds. The funding line remained secret to not jeopardize the ongoing missions of the founding members.

Initial goals

The Group intended to become a force numerically, but qualitatively. Discipline and organization are fundamental principles applied in the strictest way possible. The Group applied different methods of recruitment and selection come from existing military units, though some of them may seem expensive or too drastic. If that happens then surely we don't have common goals.

Major operations

On October 23 2009, 'The Group' started Operation Waffle with an intention to liberate Belgium, or at least Flanders. Their true purposes with Flanders remained unknown. Flanders was liberated and Congress of Belgium was largely taken by Romanians (6 against 4).

After heavy fighting, many people relocate to Belgium and in the following presidential elections in Belgium, alex201 from The Group won although not active in media at all.


It is unsure who were all leaders of the unit, but these are known leaders:

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