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Soimii Patriei

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There is only one rule in SP: Thou shalt not rulzzz

General Information
Country Flag-Romania.png Romania
Total Soldiers 225
Commanded by SabreHawk
2nd VampireA
Commanders Soimu Patriei

Soimii Patriei (Eng. Homeland Falcons) aka SP aka "The Birds", is a military unit based in Romania. It was founded by MihaiD on eRepublik day 282 during the Beta version. Established as an initial meat shield unit, it quickly developed into ones of the most efficient, renowned and respected military unit of eRebulik. The Soimii Patriei soldiers have seen action on all the important battlefields of eRepublik. Based on friendship, loyalty and team spirit, SP did not only delivered significant damage over the years, but the unit is also famous for the great players who developed here.


Beta : The birth of a legend

In the first day of WWI as Romania, under the presidency of Alex Craciun, launched a full scale offensive against Hungary, the citizens under the military skill of 5 were not drafted for combat. The military commanders of the time considered that their weak strength and the diminished productivity after being wounded on the battlefield made them useless in combat. MihaiD, then a few months old player, envisaged the use of such under trained soldiers as a meat shield against the professional soldiers of PEACE GC. During beta times the average skill level of manufacture was pretty low and thus weapon production was slow and expensive. MihaiD demonstrated that putting a line of weak soldiers in front of the enemy would make them consume precious weapons, and even wellness - a theory that later proved vital for the victory of Romania.

MihaiD call for volunteer meat shields had a huge success, and a 30-40 group of Romanian players were up for the challenge. MihaiD was naturally appointed the commander of the unit who was ironically named Soimii Patriei (an RL communist organization for kinder-garden children). He chooses his officers among the players that joined in that day: dsalageanu, andyr and TaviTav, all 3 proved to be key figures of the game later on.

The war module in beta was consisting of a queue of players, each waiting in line to fight an opponent form the enemy queue. At first, SP soldiers did fight without a weapon, just to make enemy soldiers consume their weapons, but due to the number of young players and the good coordination, SP surprisingly recorded the first victories in PVP combat on the first day. Later during the war, the government and the military, being impressed by the performance of the young soldiers, started to provide funds for weapons. That decision had such an impact on the war that during the last days the veteran high strength soldiers of the Romanian elite unit Fortele Aeriene Romane (FAR), that usually entered in the last minutes of the battle to sweep the floor, found themselves with no enemies left to kill.

The performance of the Soimii Patriei, and the response of FAR who started to enter the battlefield sooner to get some kills eventually led to the overloading of the buggy war module and the admins' response was to put a freeze on it until the launch of V1, ending the war.

During the beta times, Soimii Patriei was probably the first unit to monitor ingame performance of its soldiers using software tools before the erepublik API was even designed. The first surveys were conducted by ghishae using extensive copy pasting and excel macros, later on developing into server side scripts data-mining with cURL.

The list is gathered from a snapshot made on the 12 of November 2008, just after the release of V1.

addix, aftafg, alesandro_alin, Andrew McWilliams, arhangel6, atthis, Bastard, belea, Black1990, blitz84ro, Bogdan S, Bosley, ByteRipper, caTHa, ciprinho, cocorultimid, Coliba, Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, Cristi STR, dsalageanu, duhu, Fish Face, geooo, ghishae, Gigibuzereci, Husky, IoanM, iulydacul, JJ Gogoasa, KoMoDo, Kralizec323, lbusoi, loco_radu, M4RG3L4TU, MihneaS, Mistwalker, Morcoveatza, Nicolae Drow, nkraven, o_til_o, pmi, Quince, RazvanM, sammyro, sdwange, Slider, Sunsetter, TaviTav, Valahu, vsalageanu, zyklonxxx

V1 : During the Romanian Empire

The trivia page
Anonymous Mention of SP contribution in the fight against trivia on eReply

The trivia was a bonus system introduced by erepublik at the launch of V1. It consisted of a series of questions from various RL domains much like the "Who wants to be a millionaire" TV show format. Failing to answer correctly to the questions would penalize a player in terms of train, work or fight. The players instantly backslashed against the new feature as it didn't have any ties with the game experience. It led to escalating conflict between players and erepublik developers, players building tools to bypass the trivia, developers trying to improve trivia security. The conflict finally ended by erepublik removing the trivia module altogether.

The first anti trivia tool in V1 was initiated by smif and implemented by alecu cezar for the Romanian army. It consisted of a searchable online database where players used to search for the right answer copy-pasting the question. Soimii Patriei soldiers had an active role in this project code-named Barracks, contributing extensively to the construction of the database.

Initially coded in javascript, various evolution of decoding solutions appeared after a while, from using the firefox firebug extension to stop the timer up to a more user-friendly greasemonkey script that highlighted the right answer. If initially, the only countermeasures taken by erepublik staff was to enlarge the questions database, the finally decided to implement a more secure flash version of the trivia, with encrypted communication.

The release of the new flash trivia constituted a challenge for playing coders on both sides of the front, as the battle for Southern Great Plane was in progress between Romania and Hungary. It is unclear what side got the first decoder running, but 2 members of SP were instrumental for the Romania/Atlantis side. Dsalageanu and ghishae did manage to crack the encryption and integrated the decoder with the ereply database.

After that point, the management of erepublik considered that investing further resources into the trivia development is useless and removed the feature altogether.

After day 900

The military unit is self funded since day 960 trough its self operated companies and the donations of its members. All decisions in Soimii Patriei are made by the council of elders, a group of dedicated players and friends.

Soimii Patriei is still dedicated to fighting for the interest of Romania and its allies, but the council of elders has the last call when it comes to engage on a specific battlefield. On occasions, the council can decide that there is a fight of greater importance for Romania that the one designated by the President or the MOD. Such an example is the decision to fight for Croatia in the detriment of the battle for Podolia.

Key roles in SP management are filled by dedicated professionals as follows:

  • Head Warrior: Shadowman_Fza
  • Vice Head of Operation: Armin_the_Briliant
  • In charge of social interactions: BMA77
  • Head of trolling operations: Dreamer_Kf
  • Head of special ops: Griss0m
  • Elder consultants: ghishae and stanyk

People from SP


This is the list of known Commanders of the unit:

Notable Politicians

  • Dsalageanu - 2 times president of Romania, congressman, president of Romania Unita Party
  • Andrew McWilliams - president of Romania, president of Partidul Liberal
  • BNMaarcher - president of Denmark
  • Buru - president of Romania, president of ERBP party
  • ILDottore - president of Romania
  • Alpho - president of Romania
  • Griss0m - president of Romania, president of Partidul Liberal Party and 10 congressman mandates in Romania.
  • Shadowman Fza - president of Partidul Liberal Party, 8 congressman mandates in Romania.
  • Hoderaz - president of 3 of the top 5 Romanian parties
  • Maniu (former Marius Ovidius) - 2 times president of Republic of Moldova
  • Titu Maiorescu - president of Romania, joined SP after his term
  • Ovidiu303 - president of eUGD party, congressman of Romania, founder of Crucea Rosie program (Red Cross - providing assistance for wounded soldiers)

Notable Diplomats

Notable Army leaders

  • TaviTav (now stanyk) - MOD of the Romanian Empire
  • Mistwalker - founder and first commander of the Garda Nationala military unit
  • Sunsetter - MOD of Romania
  • Mesther - MOD of Romania
  • teo.andrei - MOD of Romania
  • hunter24 - MOD of Romania
  • alpho - Commander of Eden, MOD of Romania
  • Griss0m - viceMOD of Romania
  • Groovey - founder of the AIR army unit (now merged with RTF under the name of AIR Tanks)

Famous V1 Tanks

Friends and short time-span members

  • Han Solo (now Han Solo 8), the legendary military commander of Romania, MOD of Romania, founder of Vanatorii de Munte (VM) military unit
  • XtaSia, the founder of #ero Romanian chat room on rizon, community officer at Erepublik
  • Andyr, a founding member of SP, part of the initial commanders, later joined VM and became their commanding officer, 2 times president of Romania, MOD of Romania
  • Crista22, the famous diplomat and MOFA of Romania
  • Other short time-span members: vladb

Further reading

As a very active military unit, Soimii Patriei is often present in the news via its official newspaper and via newspapers of its soldiers and third party statisticians.

Official Newspaper

  • SP Chronicles - current official newspaper.
  • Soimul (The Falcon) former newspaper lost due to a ban on the holding organization

Official External Sites

Other Newspapers

Newspapers of current or past SP members that covered Soimii Patriei issues:

  • MihaiD
  • Dsalageanu
  • ghishae
  • RaduMihai95

SP also appears with regularity in Bogdan_L's coverage of the Military of Romania. However, since the introduction of Rising, the API feeds on which he builds his statistics does not provide all the data required to measure military performance.