Vulturul Negru

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Vulturul Negru

Vulturul Negru.jpg

Pluck the enemy. Protect your country!

General Information
Formation May 2009
Country Flag-Romania.jpg Romania

Translated The Black Eagle, this military unit was founded in the early 2009 and its commander is Bullterier.


Each recruit must have a minimum strength of 500, and (optionally) can work for one of the units companies.

The current officer in charge of recruitment is Paulickk and the number available for new recruits is unlimited.

Past and Current Officers

  • Avalone, Paul T. Craciunescu, kojakk1984
  • Waxdoll, Minimax, darkacid20, auR'STAR
  • Razvan Briceag, darkacid20, musashi_san
  • Razvan Briceag, Lexutza, Manta B
  • Lexutza, Phlander, CosteaH
  • Lexutza, musashi_san, dusmanul_86
  • brasovia1, Bullterier, darkraft
  • Bullterier, totMarius
  • Senshi San, valistelian, musashi_san
  • Bullterier, nemuritoruuul, Bogdan Armand Sibrand


In VN there are no rules, just mutual understanding and respect.


Vulturul Negru is the first paramilitary organization started from the ranks of one single party, ELegiunea Arhanghelului Mihail, it was founded by Avalone and Paul T. Craciunescu with people raised only from the party's ranks. In time, the Units need of growth necessitated the acceptance of apolitical members and also the acceptance of their political views. Right now, Vulturul Negru numbers mainly party members, but the political affairs within the Military Unit is strictly prohibited.

Motto: Pluck the enemy. Protect your country!

Jumuliti Inamicul Protejativa Patria!