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Dracones Invictus!

General Information
Disbanded May 24, 2014 (Day 2,377)
Country Flag-Romania.png Romania
Total Soldiers 121
Commander Greemans
Seconds calinovb, djuniorul, Xpertiza
Recruiting Officer BogdanDracon, soaresol
Press Officer Mlendea Horatiu

Legio Dracones was a semi-autonomous and apolitical military organization fighting in service of Romania but not under the supervision of state leadership. Dracones may act in accordance with state orders, but also can act differently, or even against the will of state leadership if the logic and morals of Dracones leaders believe that the countries interests would be served by another kind of action or response. The unit is based on logical, fast and efficient actions, without any fear of reaction. They prefer quality, not quantity.

Legio Dracones was founded by smif and Piratul on 11 March 2009 (Day 477 of The New World), between the two great battles for Western Siberia, when the president was dsalageanu.

On May 24, 2014, unit merged with Vanatorii de Munte into a new unit, Dacia Immortalis.

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