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Zockyism is a political doctrine and fascist ideology, and to some Zockyists, a religion glorifying their leader, Zocky, first developed and adopted by the Proud Africa party in South Africa. Zockyism is a prime reason for the South African Independence Movement as well as many revolutions worldwide that were fought to repel Zockyism.


The word "Zockyism" or "Zockyist" was first used by Rico Suave in order to label the dictatorship and kleptocracy in South Africa. The term was named after leader and prime Zockyist ideologue, Zocky.

The term "Scrote" was first used by Esteban Delgado and substituted as a derogatory term for Zockyists in South Africa.

Definitions Of Zockyism

What constitutes a definition of Zockyism and Zockyist governments is a highly disputed subject that has proved complicated and contentious. Historians, political scientists, economists, and other scholars have engaged in long and furious debates concerning the exact nature of fascism and its core tenets.

Most scholars agree that a "Zockyist regime" is foremost an authoritarian and nationalist form of government swept together in a foreign, political takeover. In general, Zockyism is regarded as a type of fascism.

Archaix's Definition

Political journalist and Black Lion Front member Leif Archaix has defined Zockyism in the past as a far-right wing capitalist ideology built upon ideal democratic intentions, but implemented as the complete opposite - a state dictatorship.

A far-right ideology based on the tenets of nationalism, capitalism and authoritarianism, named after the principle developer of the ideology, Zocky. Although espousing the values of democracy and free market economy, the theories surrounding Zockyism have been consistently used for the purposes of arbitrary decision-making, governmental economic interference and 'anti-communism'.

Leif Archaix

Delgado's Definition

In contrast to the earlier analysis of Zockyism, political scientist, politician, and Black Lion Front president Esteban Delgado argues that although Archaix states "[Zockyists] keep insisting they were elected democratically, so I suppose they do espouse it, without necessarily implementing it," they were not in fact elected democratically at all. Delgado believes they only claim that in order to falsely reveal they are backed and supported by the general public, and thus legitimate, since legitimacy is based on democratic standards.

Delgado specifies Zockyism in more pin-point than generalized terms:

Zockyism is a fascist ideology, political, and state capitalist doctrine in which foreign nationalists seize power of another country and run it by dictatorial means. Zockyists take over another country by any means readily available, especially by cheating and defrauding elections and other corrupt means that destabilize an established democracy, and then use their power to create a stable kleptocracy in which they thieve and leech off of the country, its people, and resources in order to benefit themselves or their home country.

Esteban Delgado

In the specific terms of the Croatian Zockyists that had taken over South Africa, Zockyists have been labeled and they have labeled themselves as Croatian nationalists, racists who saw their Croatian ethnicity superior to those of South Africa or anyone around, thieves and kleptocrats who had taken hundreds of gold and thousands of ZAR out of the treasury to pay themselves and their supporters, power-hungry fascists who only cared about "winning" all power in government using their larger invasive forces while keeping South Africa and its people hostage until Croatia became a country.

Esteban Delgado

In essence, most South Africans are routed by Delgado's terminology of Zockyism.

Zockyism As A Religion

Some Zockyist have identified themselves as religious followers of Zocky, which perhaps explains accusations as to why everyone in the Croatia - Africa UNION party is accused of being a blind follower. Leshinari was the first to write an article stating Zocky was the son of God.

First thing our Beloved did is start of new religion, Zockyism. Our Beloved is reincarnated in the body of our great president Zocky, Son of God, the Emperor of New World and Kingdom of God. Join our troops in order to save your soul, Repentance for your sins and you will be forgiven. Join those who recognized our Beloved in Zocky and help us and our Beloved to clean eRepublik from unbelievers. It is the only way we will bring peace back to our World. Those who don't join us will be damned to infinite suffer.

leshinari, Rise of New World and Kingdom of God from ashes of South Africa

In another article, violence was called upon in the image of Zocky.

Our Beloved finally spoke to me! Beloved told me Secret that will bury unbelievers. Unite in our fight, our pride and will for winning. Show no mercy to those that deny reincarnation of our God. Purge our land from all those that rebel against our Beloved! Total annihilation is what our Beloved wants!!! Our Beloved gave them chance, but they acted shameless and for those there is no forgiveness!!!

leshinari, Fight for your Beloved


The following are memorable sayings of Zockyists.

[W]e had good and honest plans with eSA but since you all primitive creatures don't deserve it we will rob your asses.

cmdgeneralmarka, Sep 11, 2008 11:46

[C]roatia [is/equals] SA

cmdgeneralmarka, Sep 12, 2008 12:24

I don't recall eCroatia even exsist ^^ I thouti it was accidentaly called eSA xD xD xD

BlackCarMafia, Sep 12, 2008 10:54

[W]elcome to Croatia :D

Prle, Sep 04, 2008 14:47

[I]t must hurt when you are minority in your own country

leshinari, Sep 04, 2008 16:29

We do not really care if you like us...duh...need a nap...

gotcha1234, Sep 11, 2008 12:29

We Croatians are not a very powerfull nation but we will try to keep South Africa because our home is not created yet! when it will be we do not know,but we will try to keep our home because it is our home and we will keep it for ourselfs untill we get our state,and then maybe we will let you in your country! South Africans live in their country no more!

GORANJ, Sep 16, 2008 06:27

You will fall. Resistance is futile. You are outnumbered and you lack something that we have, organisation and strong will for victory. Croatians alway win, remember that before messing with us. Go Croatia

cmdgeneralmarka, Sep 17, 2008 12:22

[V]ote for croatia and you will prosper otherwise you will suffer

cmdgeneralmarka, Sep 17, 2008 12:41

Ernesto stop talking bullshits. You think Africa have all the power, but they not have power. You have been beaten by Croatia, and you are talking some craps. Learning to accept defeat.

crni-18, Sep 18, 2008 02:53

Africa is weak country with primitive life forms, so we came here to rule

cmdgeneralmarka, Sep 18, 2008 09:37

just ignore them, this is our country and we won't give it back to them we will win and we will do anything to win again

leshinari, Sep 18, 2008 12:04

Yes I think we are to good to call ourselves South African(nothing personal) because we are Croats.We can not stop.We want our country.You may think that we are fascist,stupid and that we are taking something that isn't ours but we are doing this for just one reason....to make you go insane

IvanGoodOne, Sep 19, 2008 12:58

what Kintor, I see you're back insulting us, it was nice opening a company with country's capital wasn't it? you managed to keep quiet for 2 weeks you loved us when we were giving you money didn't you?

Tomislav, Sep 19, 2008 13:51

We exit, we have won election in one country, and we will probably have 4 mayors of 5 possible. We are able to destroy this country now if we want. Because of that shut up. Don't be rugged

Sucko, Sep 20, 2008 13:51

We are loyal to our country,i would have no problem killing for croatia...

gotcha1234, Sep 21, 2008 03:38

ye ye, you are right, we will see who will laugh after elections. Welcome to Croatia!

Sucko, Sep 21, 2008 12:31

We took over your beloved SA and now you must obey us.

cmdgeneralmarka, Sep 21, 2008 07:18

we won, we won, go home and cry, Esterno you lose hahahaha

cmdgeneralmarka, Sep 21, 2008 04:32

We finally have almost all power in this country.

So, my preposition is: change name of this state to:

Southern Republic of Croatia !

Viva la Croatie!

What do you say?

Reasons to do that: We can do that. Natives of this country are outnumbered (by us). Because this is our 2nd home (we r still waiting 4 our state).

Reasons to not do that: ...

djubrex, Sep 22, 2008 09:18

As you all know we are in charge in this country.

cmdgeneralmarka, Sep 23, 2008 12:47

you see, this is why you don't get transparency you bunch of mindless baboons, if you keep acting like that you can be sure as hell you ain't gonna get it and I'll make sure of it

Tomislav, Oct 01, 2008 12:48

we would give up Zocky only by placing another croatian, like cmd,tomislav,sucko,me,Leshinari...


It's even funnier how someone else controls 'your' country and how you're helpless to do anything about it :)

Baton Bosona, Oct 04, 2008 16:47

You can't defend SA

Sucko, Oct 04, 2008 16:53

stew in your anger commies, you deserved it and had it coming for a long time, you're really pathetic

Tomislav, Oct 04, 2008 16:22

First we did not have our ecountry in here so we decided to make ourselves one.When we came here to south africa we met primitive communist forms of life of an approximated iq of 5(howewer,it is speculated to be even lower).Those creatures wanted to make a stand against us but failed miserably because they started killing each other.(ernesto,chriz,deus ex,kintor...).We immediately castrated them and put them into a one camp under the name ISAR.Some of them fled out(kintor),and some of them are talking how they will flee(ernesto).Later we decided to rename south africa(notice the lower case) to South Croatia.Today we control almost all of South Croatia.

gotcha1234, Oct 12, 2008 03:35