Crocus Valley

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Crocus Valley

General Information
Country Flag-New Zealand.jpg New Zealand
Abbreviation CV
Colors Purple
Founded November, 2011
Dissolved April, 2012
Congress Occupancy 0 /27 seats, 0%
Succeeds Speight's Supporters Party
Succeeded By eNZ Democratic Party
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

Crocus Valley (2011-2012 ) was a centrist political party formally active in New Zealand. The party quickly rose to become a top-five party in NZ but never moved into the top-three. Throughout its history, the party was the political home of the Serbian military unit Templari Srbije (TS). It was dissolved in April 2012 in order for the group to broaden its appeal.


The birth of Crocus Valley (CV) is strongly tied with the Serbian military unit Templari Srbije (TS) which had begun to migrate its members to NZ in October following a series of internal conflicts within Serbia.

An early wave of members like Hit & Vanish, Aty87, CKIMIY and MjoyReborn all joined established parties like the Peace 'n' Prosperity Party (PnPP), Love and Peace (L&P) and Red Squad (RS). These members found early success with at least 2 members elected to Parliament under the PnPP in the months of September and October. They took an active role within these parties their steady growth began to catch the eye of party leaders.

They reached a high point in November when four were elected to Parliament (2 with the PnPP, 1 with L&P and 1 with RS). These advances were major gains for the TS, who used the subsequent citizen passes to gain entry for their colleagues.

This eventually led the NZ government to place a watch on the TS militia. Following these actions, the leading figures decided to leave their respective parties and joined the remnants of the Speight's Supporters Party.

Helen Moon and Stability

After joining the new party, the former TS members quickly set about creating a home for their supporters. However, this drew the ire of the leading Serbian Kiwi parties, L&P and Ujedinjenje ili smrt (UIS). Both of which saw the new party as a potential PTO threat.

In order to win over support, the party convinced then NZ Prime Minister and L&P founder, Helen Moon, to join them and become party president. She accepted and duly named the new party CV. It quickly grew as many TS members shifted to the CV, helping it to become the #4 party in only days, overtaking both Ranginui and Red Squad.

Only days into its existence the party sought to cement ties with the PnPP by endorsing their candidate Mortalbeta in the December Presidential election. Although she lost, the party delivered some crucial votes. They did not receive any Cabinet posts but worked out an electoral agreement with the PnPP for the December parliamentary term (after Helen was re-elected PP on December 15).

In the December 25 vote, the party benefited from its active and dedicated membership by electing 4 members to Congress (although CC later returned to the PnPP). This was a strong showing for the new party. In January, it endorsed PnPP candidate Xanthar Zaiban for President.

Post-Moon Era

Helen Moon retired from the game in late January due to RL issues and the party held its first opened leadership contest. In the January parliamentary elections, the party won a disappointing 1 seat. However, it remained supportive of the PnPP led government. The party supported Xanthar's re-election campaign. In the February 15th PP race, veteran player CKIMIY was elected PP and pledged to revive the party's fortunes. However, in the parliamentary elections, the party disappointed and retained its single seat.

In March, CKIMIY decided to change things and take a more aggressive campaign. The party ended its support for the PnPP and ran its own CP candidate, CKIMIY. However, he came a distant fourth with 12 votes. Following this, CKIMIY did not re-contest and former PnPP member MyjoyReborn was elected PP. He offered a return to cooperation with the PnPP and also L&P. Yet this new orientation did little in the March parliamentary elections, where it secured only 1 seat (CKIMIY). In the April CP elections, the party again ran its PP but he came last, winning only 11 votes.

Following these losses, Myjoy ran for re-election but was challenged by Drug_Torentorator. Myjoy won but by a tight vote of 8 to 3. This underlined the growing unease with the party. Sensing this, Myjoy abruptly resigned days later and CKIMIY returned as PP.


Upon his return, CKIMIY sought to rebrand the party, recognizing that Crocus Valley had served its purpose. He thereby dissolved the old party and launched the eNZ Democratic Party.

Party Presidents

Month Party President Notes
November 2011 - January 2012 Helen Moon Founder, 3x PP.
January, February 2012 CKIMIY Succeeded Helen upon retirement.
March, April 2012 MjoyReborn Oversaw alliance with PnPP. Resigned mid-term.
April 2012 CKIMIY Succeeded Mjoy and oversaw dissolution party.