Ujedinjenje ili smrt

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Ujedinjenje ili smrt

Party-Ujedinjenje ili smrt.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-New Zealand.jpg New Zealand
Abbreviation UIS
National rank 2
Colors Red, Blue and White
Founded February, 2011
President Djeza
Secretary General Djeza
Councillor Koska de STRAH
Members 18
Congress Occupancy 6 seats
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Libertarian

Ujedinjenje ili smrt (February 2011 - present) is a political party currently active in New Zealand. It is one of the oldest parties in NZ and has been one of the most influential in the nation's history. Many consider the UIS to be the leading party in NZ thanks to its political and military superiority.

Party History

The UIS is one of the older parties currently operating in NZ and therefore has a wide volume of history. It has contested all parliamentary elections since its formation and is a constant presence in the various NZ Cabinets. Therefore its history is a tale of consistency and resolve.

History- Demokratska Stranka Srpske

Party-Demokratska Stranka Srpske.jpg

The UIS was originally founded as the centrist political party Demokratska Stranka Srpske (DSS) by Stojke89 and other former members of Aotearoa. The name paid homage to the largest party in Serbia. It came about following the fallout from the wars with Peru and Chile in February. It was the new name for the former Peru political party La Order del Guanaco which was discarded by former Peruvians after the region was taken by NZ.

The party was small at first with only modest membership numbers. Its first PP was Stojke89 who helped to found the party. Leading members who joined it included former President Koska de STRAH, spaske12, DaRkO 206 and kemis.

Following the March 15th election, Stojke was reelected as the PP of the DSS and within days the party experienced a surge in membership. This was related to the exodus from Aotearoa following Bass Junkies surprise victory. The DSS emerged as one of the main beneficiaries from it.

Free Texas

Party-Free Texas.jpg

As its membership grew the DSS sought to broaden its appeal and re-launched itself as Free Texas. Its membership grew as experienced Aotearoa members joined the party. This enabled it to benefit during the March 25th Parliamentary elections when it captured 13 of 40 seats, becoming the second-largest in Parliament.

On the April 5th Presidential elections, it supported Red label Party (RLP) candidate IvanMiletic who was successfully elected with over 60% of the vote.

Stranka Srpskog Korpusa

Party-Stranka Srpskog Korpusa.jpg

During the April 15th PP elections, four candidates stood for election, DaRkO 206, Serbian Citizen, Mz.Time and crno-beli klan. In the vote, klan won with 12, compared to 6, 3 and 2 for the others. One of his first acts was to rename the party to the Stranka Srpskog Korpusa - SSK. It has since seen its membership grow, especially with the suspected PTO of RLP and Ranginui. It has quickly become the largest party in NZ.

A notable group of the figure which joined it include former NZ Presidents loader, Koska de STRAH and kurojca. Many other figures with past ties to the RLP or Aotearoa have also joined the SSK. This has helped it to develop a dedicated network of supporters across NZ.

Its growth and success was witnessed in the April 25 Parliamentary elections, where it captured a single-party majority by winning 24 of 40 seats. This was the first time since the February elections a single-party had won a majority.

Ujedinjenje ili smrt (UIS)

Only mere days after the April 25 Parliamentary elections, the SSK sought to rename itself. The party adopted the UIS name, largely because the old SSK had "Serbian" in its name and the party did not want to revive any past linguistic tensions.

In the run-up to the May 5 elections, the party had nominated Kemis, but after Don KronoX surprised many by agreeing to stand on behalf of the Peace 'n' Prosperity Party (PnPP), the UIS quickly withdrew their candidate. Following Don's landslide victory, the UIS placed 4 members in his Cabinet. Thanks to its majority in Parliament, the party played an influential role in working with the new government to pass key pieces of legislation. Leading members like Koska De STRAH and Kemis took an active role in KronoX's government, notably its defense policy.

In the May 15 PP elections, no one ran and Koska (as the highest ranked member) became PP. This period also saw a large portion of its Parliamentary membership return to the RLP, after loader was re-elected PP. In the May 25 Parliamentary elections, the UIS, agreed to cooperate with the other major parties in NZ (PnPP, RLP and Ranginui) in order to run a select group of candidates. The party won 9 of 40 seats, losing its majority and becoming the second largest party in the Parliament.

In June, the UIS again supported the PnPP candidate, this time endorsing Crusadercarl for the June 5 election. This was a surprise, as the UIS PP, Koska, was the nominated candidate of the RLP. On election day, CC was elected CP, beating Koska by 64%-35%. In his subsequent Cabinet, Koska was appointed the sole UIS Minister. The party supported CC's administration, with its parliamentary members regularly supporting government proposals.

In the run-up to the June parliamentary elections, the UIS agreed to cooperate again with RLP, PnPP and Ranginui in order to prepare a common list of candidates. It agreed to nominate 12 members and on election day managed to win 11 of 40 seats. Thereby keeping its position as the second largest party in Parliament.

In the July 5 Presidential elections, the party did not field a candidate or endorse any of the members running. In the July 15 PP race, Mandasaner was elected PP by a vote of 25 to 0. In the July 25 Parliamentary elections, the party ran a full slate of candidates and won 12 of 40 seats, emerging as the largest party (the first time since the April elections). In a shock, Mandasaner nominated himself for the August Presidency, making him the first UIS CP candidate in the party's history. He came third, winning 12 votes and 6.49% of the vote. The party served in the administration of RLP President Splindza, placing 4 members in his Cabinet (Koska, DaRko 206, Ovoima & keksadzija).

UIS Resurgence

The Mandasaner era came to a close in August, when the party witnessed a five candidate field PP race. otvarc won the election, taking 10 votes, to 7 each for Big World of Mine, Bambo Amadeus and Spartac. His victory marked a change for the party, as it began to emerge as the chief opponent to the PnPP and replace the RLP as the leading party of NZ.

In the August parliamentary elections, the party fell back to 5 seats (third overall) due to the occupation of NZ regions by Australia. However, with otvarc at the helm, the party began the process of solidifying itself and seizing the mantle of a top-tier party. It saw its membership increase (to over 50) and in the September CP elections, its candidate, Koska, won 36% of the vote, losing to PnPP candidate Mortalbeta. However, this marked the second campaign the UIS ran a CP candidate. With its membership continuing to rise, the party appeared to be entering a period of major growth.

In the September PP race, otvarc was re-elected winning 10 votes to 5 for Spartac and 4 for VIKI87. The party campaigned aggressively for the September parliamentary elections and on election day, captured 45 votes and won 12 of 40 seats. It was only beaten by the PnPP but by a bare 1 seat. The party had benefited from the dissolution of the RLP and its replacement by the new Love and Peace (L&P) party.

DaRkO 206 Administration

In October, the UIS again nominated a CP candidate, running veteran member DaRkO 206. He was endorsed by both L&P and RS. On election day he defeated Ranginui candidate Srnica (backed by PnPP & SSP), winning 59% to 41%. His victory was a milestone, as it inaugurated the first UIS led administration. He appointed a Cabinet with the following make-up, 6 UIS, 3 L&P, 3 PnPP and 2 Ranginui.

On November 15, former 2x PP candidate Spartac, ran unopposed for the party presidency. He was elected with 35 votes to 0. During his presidency, the UIS supported DaRkO administration and focused on increasing its membership. This policy led to an increase to 57, solidifying its place as the #2 party in NZ. The party worked closely with the regime and adopted an aggressive election strategy for the October parliamentary vote. This paid off, when the UIS won 58 votes and 11 seats, emerging with a plurality of seats, its first since July.

In the November Presidential elections, the party did not run a candidate and instead endorsed L&P candidate Helen Moon.

Srpski Korpus

Main article: Srpski Korpus

The UIS also operates its own personal militia, the Srpski Korpus. Many consider the UIS to in reality be an extension of the SK, with all authority resonating from the MU instead of the party.

UIS Presidential Candidates


Party Leadership

Month Party President Notes
February - March 2011 Stojke89 2x PP Founded DSS and renamed Free Texas.
April 2011 crno-beli klan 1x PP Renamed to SSK and UIS
May - June 2011 Koska de STRAH 2x PP Former PP of Aotearoa
July 2011 Mandasaner 1x PP First UIS member to run for President
August - September 2011 otvarac 2x PP Presided over DaRkO 205 victory.
October 2011 Spartac 1x PP Elected PP with the largest in-game vote.
November 2011 streetfightersbl 1x PP Oversaw election and impeachment of Pedjat.
December 2011 Aleksandar Spremo 1x PP, Presided over UIS becoming #1 party.
January 2012 - March 2012 ByBojan 3x PP Elected CP in March 2012. - ByBojan
April 2012 LmBigger 1x PP First female PP. - suzZana88
May 2012 pinkovgrad 1x PP
June 2012 Koska de STRAH 3x PP Former NZ CP.
July 2012 pinkovgrad 2x PP
August - September 2012 DaRkO 206 2x PP
October 2012 - July 2014 Djeza 22x PP
August 2014 cobi63 1x PP
September 2014 - April 2016 Djeza 54x PP. Declared dictatorship and declared himself as eternal party president
May 2016 Shone bate
June 2016 cobi63
July 2016 Koska de STRAH
August 2016 - July 2017 Djeza
August 2017 Sarplaninac1000
September 2017 - June 2018 Djeza
July 2018 - August 2018 Shone bate
September 2018 - February 2019 Djeza