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This section contains a brief description of the top-five parties in New Zealand and overview on the number of times they have led the nation.

Ujedinjenje ili smrt

Party-Ujedinjenje ili smrt.jpg

The Ujedinjenje ili smrt (UIS) is a political party founded by leading members of the Serbian Kiwi Military unit, Srpski Korpus. It was formed as one of the successor parties to the defunct Aotearoa party. The party has historically supported members of the MU in Parliamentary and Presidential elections. Since its creation the the party has emerged as the preeminent political force in NZ, having had consistent Congressional and Cabinet representation. The UIS was behind the scheme for the 1st New Zealand Dictatorship and was its strongest supporter. The party has led the NZ gov't, more then any other party and has the record for longest single party rule.

Number of Country Presidencies - 23

Socialist Party of New Zealand

Party-Socialist Party of New Zealand.jpg

The Socialist Party of New Zealand (SPNZ) is a top-five political party and seen as the spiritual successor to the formerly top-five party Love and Peace. It advocates a policy being opened to all Kiwis but has a membership that is disproportionately drawn from the Serbian Kiwi community. Unlike the UIS, it does not seek to operate a separate MU and instead tries to incorporate its members into the wider NZ MU. It has been part of most Cabinet since its formation and has had steady representation in Congress. The party is one of the bedrock supporters of the 1st New Zealand Dictatorship.

Number of Country Presidencies - 1

Peace 'n' Prosperity Party

Party-Peace 'n' Prosperity Party.png

The Peace 'n' Prosperity Party (PnPP) was founded on October, 6th 2010. As oldest party in New Zealand, it has remained one of the most active and involved parties. Its history has been similar to that of NZ and throughout it has experienced increases and declines. Its fortunes have fluctuated like that of NZ and it has been involved in all major political events in the nations history. It has consistently held Congressional representation and been involved in most NZ Cabinets. The PnPP is the only party that is openly opposed to the NZ Dictatorship. The party has the distinction of being the only party still in existence since day 1 in NZ.

Number of Country Presidencies - 14

Black Party of New Zealand

Party-Black Party of New Zealand.jpg

The Black Party of New Zealand (BPNZ) is a political party that was formed by former members of UIS and L&P who were affiliated with the Black Hand military unit. Many felt their support had been taken for granted in both parties and disliked the leadership exerted upon them. While a steady presence in the top-3, it has also had representation in nearly all NZ Cabinets since its formation. The party did not initially support the NZ Dictatorship but has come around to it as time has passed. Considering its top-five status, its influence has been relatively minimal in recent times. Much of its time is spent with military matters and rarely does it seek to take direct action in politics.

Number of Country Presidencies - 2

Maori Party

Party-Maori Party.gif

The Maori Party is the successor party to Ranginui and serves as the political home for the remaining members of the Slovenian Military unit, the Angry Angels. The party had a period of initial success upon its launch and attracted many former PnPP members to its banner. However, it eventually befell the same fate as its predecessor and has become a relatively fringe force. It initially did not support the NZ Dictatorship but has since embraced it for the sake of stability. It still retains some ties to the PnPP and is seen as its natural ally.

Number of Country Presidencies - 1